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4 Replies to “Riots in Montreal March 15 2012”

  1. Oh……its just another …….

    “Do as we please….when we please…to whom we please…let us dabble in pimping, petty theft, drug dealing, assault and a wide ranging other assortment of crime….let us wallow in self pity and spend our lives fully funded by the state…let us spend days that abound in wild-eyed fornication that produces tens of thousands of fatherless ghetto gremlins….and if and when our criminality and utter lack of morals, ethics or depth of character conflicts with decent society and peaceful, hard working men and women and their families and we happen to get a good thumping from the police for our troubles…then let us then run amok in city streets ramping up the savage criminality in the hopes that a little fear will give us carte blanche to do …….as we please…to whom we please……when we please……”

    To that I say…..


    and the tear gas…and the CS gas….and the flash-bangs…and the barbed wire…and the horses…and the truncheons….

    let a symphony of righteous indignation be played upon each and every one of their empty little heads with the very finest seasoned oak………..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. ‘Police brutality’. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of it against these little brainless punks. They deserve all the ‘police brutality’ they get. Now if only we could find a way to make these idiots pay for the damage they cause . . .

  3. We can find a way to make them pay…..

    They are called “chain-gangs”…..a form of hard labour for criminal assholes who need to be taught the value of participating in society and not working against it….

    I would gladden my heart to see these little vipers all chained together cleaning out or ditches along highways and sweeping streets….picking up dogshit in our parks….

    etc etc etc…

    Chain-gangs are wildly popular in the southern United States where the tolerance for criminal assholery is at an all-time low….always has been…always will be

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. The media are useless. Who were these people that started the riot. The media said it was a protest against police brutality. Was it?

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