George Clooney says something I agree with.

I may have to check in to some kind of clinic. But he has this one right even if he isn’t saying what the causes are, namely the culture of entitlement and hatred in Islamic lands against those who are not Islamic, and in the Sudan, you can add to that Arab supremacy over African-black heritage.

Of course, he may have said something on that but this is on the CBC so of course they would not report anything not in keeping with their narrative

Thanks to a commenter below on this clip, there was ample confirmation of the obvious. This is about genocide of non-Muslims.

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  1. vlad here is a video i put up of Clooney’s recent visit to the Sudanese Nuba mountains, it is still part of Northern Sudan and is compromised mainly of ethnic Africans, the Sudanese govt has been waging an aerial bombardment campaign for months now in order to force them to leave. Recently the Sudanese govt has passed a law requiring all christians to leave Sudan within a month, this is a massive effort of ethnic cleansing and Arab Islamic genocide:

  2. I don’t know that George is a lefty, actually. Of course, he can’t just come right out and admit that he’s not a Democrat, but I’ve never actually heard him say that he is. Couple that with the fact that he is generally against the Muslim establishment and for the persecuted Christians and ethnic Africans, and the chances of him being a lefty fade even more. I suspect that Mr. Clooney might be a crypto-conservative, hiding right beneath the toad-catcher’s house right there in Hollywood. He’s taking a big risk; one suggestion that he may be a Republican would signal the end of his career, just like what happened to poor Ron Silver.

  3. Yep, it’s Arab-Muslim rampage time again and with a name like Omar al-Bashir, we can guess what religion he belongs to. The Prophet Mohammed had a dim view of black people and a dim view of Christians, so black Christians are fair game!
    In fact Mohammed was an Arab supremacist. Even fellow Muslims, if they are non-Arab are seen as inferior to Arab Muslims (non-Arab Muslims are referred to as Mawalis, a derogatory term).
    More fool then are the Iranian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims, who are following an Arab supremacist ideology, but the biggest of these fools are the Black Muslims. A black Muslim is the human equivalent of a fox that supports fox-hunting; serious fools who are on the road to self-destruction.

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