Berlin Funeral for Dead Muslim Thug Looks Like Something Out of the Gaza Strip

This important post from Islam Vs. Europe exemplifies very well the classic and universal Muslim trick of claiming moral outrage of victimhood whenever they are prevented from victimizing others. From Israel to Toronto.

Islam Vs. Europe:

15:40 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Yesterday I posted about how Muslim thugs in Berlin were promising revenge after a German man they were attacking stabbed one of them to death.

These are pictures from the dead Muslim’s funeral procession. There were shouts of “Allahu Akbhar!” As PI noted, these photographs could have come from the Gaza Strip.

On police advice, the German man who killed the Muslim in self-defence has moved out of the area with his family to stay with relatives.

See chilling video of it here.

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3 Replies to “Berlin Funeral for Dead Muslim Thug Looks Like Something Out of the Gaza Strip”

  1. It is a blunt worship of power! Getting together in big groups and going in to a frenzy, screaming slogans (“Allah akbar” or “Takbir”) is typical of a totalitarian cult.

    Muslims worships power and violence for its own sake.

    Satanic really!

  2. So what will they do now? Launch rockets against the house of the man who tried to defend himself from that prehistoric thug? Just like Israel! The israelis are “evil” just because they defend themselves, and “palestinians” are saints because they are the “oppressed” people who just can’t stop bombing and rocketing Israel and using their own people as selected victims to be able to shout even louder against Israel. Bat Ye’or’s prophecies for Europe are fulfilling at a terrifying pace…

  3. God bless the Fritz who did this. I am sure this colonist didn’t know any of the taxi drivers or drug laundering kebab shop owners who are screaming allah akbar. Even the harpies are shrieking as they bury one of their soldiers. For that is what he is. A colonist soldier. Turning Germany into Turkey. They act tribal. Time for Germans to do the same. Winner takes all.

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