CAIR “Hails Sharia Victory in Florida” with help from the ADL

New English Review:

CAIR “Hails Sharia Victory in Florida” with help from the ADL
CAIR Florida Director Hassan Shibley and Interfaith Supporters


SB1360 –a bill to provide constitutional protections against adoption of foreign laws by domestic State courts died in the Florida Senate last night.  The legislation was poised to pass the Senate before the session ended given the passage on March 1st of a companion measure HB1209 by a vote of 92 to 24 in the Florida House.  This important measure would have barred application of foreign laws from Islamic countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

What killed the bill was the emergence of opposition composed of Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR, fellow front group United Voices for America, the ACLU and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  A last minute amendment introduced by Coral Gables Republican Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portillo may have given Senate President Mike Haridopolos the opportunity to quash it.  That was doubtless in response to Ahmed Bedier former CAIR-Tampa executive director and founder of United Voices of America (UVA) who labeled the legislation as hateful to Muslims and in violation of constitutional guarantees of freedom of worship. He was particularly outraged by the sponsor of SB1360, Sen. Alan Hays, and Republican from Umatilla, who passed copies of an anti-Sharia booklet to fellow members stating that it was a threat to the US Constitution.

David Yerushalmi, Esq., author of the American Law for American Courts model law commented:

The people’s representatives will do their job as they deem appropriate. If it passes, well. If not, there’s always next legislative session with a new freshman class.

Hassan Shibley, the Florida CAIR director noted the interfaith supporters that contributed to the “shariah victory” :

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