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8 Replies to “Australians being forced to eat, and pay for, halal foods without knowing it. How about you?”

  1. She’s absolutely correct, the consumer has a right to know.

    On a different note I found the mustard on vid to be an arrogant, defensive a$$hole.

  2. The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants.

    Muslim MPs and peers have been told they cannot have meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition.

    I have no issue with people being able to eat Halal meat as a choice. I notice how Kosher meat is never mentioned, yet it is killed in exactly the same way. No-one would dare to say anything about Israel, seeing as Westminster is in Israel’s back pocket, yet they are always quick to condemn Muslims. I can see the gaping double standard here. Same as always, keep up the race hate in the press for Muslims but ‘don’t you dare say anything about Israel and their crimes against humanity and control of Western governments’, because you will be immediately labelled anti-semitic.

    How dare the members of a British parliament defy the Muslim wishes? Just who do they think they are? What is halal? I don’t understand is it the halal meat that people don’t like or Muslims. It’s only meat, we have greater mess in this world that we need to solve. Get real. Do they serve Kosher meat? Kosher meat is non stunned to. Do they have the guts to pick on the jews? If you electrocute an animal arent you killing it twice?

    Halal meat should be an option and not enforced on the rest of us who believe it to be a cruel way of treating animals. That is all Lord Ahmed is asking for. That he and other muslim politiians can have that option. He is not asking for it to be compulsory but feels rightly upset that he mas been misled.

    It should be law that all retailers, restaurants and public services (ie schools, hospitals, prisons etc.) state what method of slaughter has been used. This would then give the consumer the choice, simple. How do you start a petition which forces partliament to debate this issue and how many signatures do you need?

    In the Koran, it does state that Muslims can eat non-Halal meat if it is not available. This rule is only applied in emergency situation when one is in dire need of sustenance and only non Halal products are available….

    Do people actually believe that stunning an animal means it feels no pain?! Slitting the throat is quick and effective. What do you think your New Zealand lamb is? All NZ meat is halal slaughtered – which makes me always choose it over British lamb.
    So shocking animals with a hundred volts is humane, please! To all the Muslim-haters just think about it logically and do your research before you judge, doesn’t Christianity preach love thy neighbor. And to all those so called people who celebrate Christmas every year and spoil your kids with presents they don’t deserve how many of you actually practice Christianity and go to church every Sunday? A show of hands please … Thought so!!!
    Halal meat means a humaine version of slaughtering animals rather than shocking them to death with a high voltage. Halal meat is more tastier and clean Ask any non Muslim person who have ate it Oh yes by the way when you go to Muslim restaurants /takeaways the lovely Taste to meat we all like is HALAL Meat!!!!

  3. @ “Ifitkhar Ahmad”
    No thanks ! I have no intention of eating meat that is cruelly slaughtered and “blessed” by a person from a religion I despise, in the name of a god I don’t believe in.

    And no, the way I understand it , halal slaughter and kosher slaughter are NOT the same, even if the “blessing” is removed.

  4. Here is an article that describes the differences:

    Other than the blessing to allah, the main difference is that any “sane” muslim is allowed to slaughter an animal. Other than the word “sane” which opens a whole can of worms, allowing anyone to slaughter an animal is leaving the door open to all kinds of problems, especially since there are muslims involved.

    Kosher slaughter can only be done by a righteous Jew who does this as part of his job. In other words, someone with expertise , not a blood lust is the main difference.

  5. Boy so much nonsense and so little time. I will try and deal with this on a point by point basis, but really, in typical Islamic fashion, so over the top crap that one despairs at reason and is tempted to just ignore it and hope it goes away.

    1. “The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants.”

    I don’t know if this is the case. Does this mean that they refused to serve it to everyone? Or just to those who ask for it? And if it is the latter, what about Vegan meals. Meals free of gluten or peanuts (The last two are actually valid health concerns as opposed to arbitrary inconveniences of superstition) and every other conceivable food issue someone might have. Raw fooders for example who have as much faux-reason behind their demands as muslims do.

    2. “I have no issue with people being able to eat Halal meat as a choice.”

    Clearly you do not. But how about having an issue with allowing the rest of us in our own countries that are kind enough to tolerate you and your religion, utterly unlike muslims do in nations under sharia for the rest of humanity, not eat halal foods by choice and not have to fund it’s extra costs. Do you have no issue with that? How about protesting the places that force halal on those who do not wish to eat it? Are you willing to make your voice heard there?

    3. “I notice how Kosher meat is never mentioned, yet it is killed in exactly the same way.”

    It is never mentioned because it is never forced on anyone else like halal is. Also, the additional cost of Kosher is not used to build Jewish temples all over the place or proselytize for the Jewish religion. But I’ll be frank with you. I think democratic states have passed laws to prevent animal cruelty and I don’t think religions should be able to get around those laws just cause they want to, or else what is the point of having these laws at all. So from my point of view I would like to see all ritual slaughter that causes any additional suffering to the animal stopped whether its muslim, Jewish or any other belief set ancient or brand new. The law is the law and muslims when doing taquiyya always tell us that they have to respect the law of the land they live in while breaking them, changing them and making constant demands on them every day. Now how about proving it and dropping the halal slaughter in favour of democratically legislated humane slaughter of food animals.’

    4. “seeing as Westminster is in Israel’s back pocket,”

    Now that’s just funny. One needs only look at England’s UN votes and policies towards Israel Vs. Islamic nations that have infinitely less in common with England to know how laughable that is.

    5. “keep up the race hate in the press for Muslims”

    Islam is not a race. It is a disgusting, savage, hate-filled misogynistic anti-freedom belief system but hey, anyone can join (but of course it’s really for Arabs as they are the best of people, right Ahmed?) and although no one can leave as Islam promises death for apostacy, they certainly allow and encourage anyone to join. So it’s not race hate in the press you see. I think you are confusing the news. You know all those clips where Muslims talk about slaughtering the unbeliever in the name of Islamic Jihad, or Muslim rape gangs abuse underage infidel girls in every imaginable way, including but not limited to, murder and cannibalism? Yes the news does inspire hate towards Islam and if it doesn’t then it bloody well should. Islam deserves to be hated for its actions. But it isn’t a race. Many of the West’s most celebrated people are former Muslims who are trying to protect the rest of us from the likes of, well frankly probably you. People like Dr. Wafa Sultan for one. And as she was born a Syrian Muslim and left the faith then it can’t be a race, as in the entire history of mankind only one man has ever actually changed his race, and that was of course, Michael Jackson. And even then…

    6. “How dare the members of a British parliament defy the Muslim wishes? Just who do they think they are? ”

    That about says it all. You feel that in ‘Dar-al-harb’ you have the right to dictate the rules for everyone and in dar-al-Islam no one should dare question the supremacy of sharia. I have 2 words for you.

    Fuck off.

    The rest wasn’t even worth reading.

  6. “How dare the members of a British parliament defy the Muslim wishes?”

    Simple. They are britons and native to the country. You are an arselifter and have no business in other sovereign countries you don’t belong to. Now I don’t claim to know exactly which of all the 57 pislamic countries you belong to but I suggest you either return to one of them or simply just piss off and die. Make your pick. I’m sure the real britons will be glad no matter which choice you make. They will have one arselifter less at least anyway. In your own country you can halalalalong until the break of dawn and enjoy all the sharia you want. Everybody will be happy, both you and the britons. So off you go, al-laddie!

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