Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners


Nicolas Sarkozy at his interview on French television [6 March 2012] Nicolas Sarkozy says the system for integrating immigrants is at risk of breaking down
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France votes

  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said there are too many foreigners in France and the system for integrating them is “working more and more badly”.

In a TV debate, Mr Sarkozy defended his plan to cut the number of new arrivals in half if he is re-elected next month.

Mr Sarkozy is trailing in the opinion polls behind the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande.

He is also competing for conservative voters with the far-right National Front party led by Marine le Pen.

The latest opinion poll published on Tuesday by CSA showed Mr Hollande widening his lead over the president.

It also suggested that the Socialist leader would win decisively by 54% to 46% in a second round of voting on 6 May.

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6 Replies to “Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners”

    • I agree. I don’t believe it either. Sarkozi made a lot of promising noises before the last election as well and did near nothing.

  1. France is doing a little bit better than the UK, but not much:

    France: Only 35 Radical Islamic Clerics Expelled in Last 10 Years…..

    Recently I found a real good cartoon about successive French presidents promising to reverse Islamic immigration (invasion), but of course none of them ever did anything about it.

    Jacques Girac was given a 50 ha estate in Morocco. I don’t know how much the others got, but few men have the morals and ethics to resist when the money flows.
    There may be French men, but…. that’s another story for another day.

  2. Of course it’s unbelievable. We haven’t heard of any attempt to that end over the past 5 years have we. So now the French are left with the choice: either vote for a guy who promises to do something and who they know will actually end up doing nothing, or else vote for a guy who will undoubtedly open the floodgates even more. What’s that about a rock and a hard place.

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