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One Reply to “Michael Coren interviews Norway’s Bruce Bawer”

  1. So, they [ the Left] are succeeding, so it seems, in silencing even the bravest voices of freedom. Well, rest assured, it will come to a head. These Leftist cretins are sharing beds with the Devil. They will one day pay the price.
    There are still voices that shall not be silenced and Bruce Bawer and the like will eventually be proven right as the Leftist appeasers will be the first to be eaten alive by the Islamic reptiles when these thugs get the chance. It’s going to be a long hard fight, but I firmly believe that truth eventually prevails over lies.
    It may turn out to be Islam’s greatest and bloodiest triumph ever in it’s history but it’s mightiest roar will be it’s swan song, after which this decadent pig-swill of a religion will only remain confined to the pages of history.
    We must never, ever stop speaking the truth about Islam.

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