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3 Replies to “Sarkozi may claim to ban halal food in schools but…”

  1. Recipe for disaster. Consciously planned.

    Self-hatred for the native born, hatred of the host culture for the immigrants.

  2. Video at 02:36 shows a book in Polish: “Wesola szkola szesciolatka, czesc 2” (English: Merry School for 6 years old, part 2). This footage is definitely not from France. Lol! 🙂

  3. What a mealy mouthed appeal. The PM is begging Muslims to stop halal? Why should they? And if they do, what price will they want in exchange?

    The whole idea stinks of dhimmitude.

    Why doesn’t the PM simply make halal illegal. Finished. Is France still a Western country?

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