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13 Replies to “Muslims making demands are having an impact on Quebec culture.”

  1. This absolutely infuriates me. Special privileges for “special people”? This is complete BS. Instead of them forcing their beliefs (sharia) on us they need to integrate or get out of this country. Our country , our rules.

    And hear me loud and clear, I will NOT patronize any business or purchase any product that patronizes or panders to muslims. My boycott list is growing. I haven’t purchased some products for over a year now. I’m serious about this.

    Quebec needs to stop importing them just because they speak french. The problems and demands they bring with them are simply NOT worth it.

    I say, “Integrate or GET THE HELL OUT”!

  2. Ah Quebec… the sounds of the call to prayer, the beautiful minarets all over the place! It’s a little bit of France, that’s for sure!

  3. Boycott the products that are Halal to the muslims , These products are haram to me. Thats the way to go, right said when pigs fly.

  4. This is completely OT but since you’re canadians I have a question. It’s about actress Anna Paquin and I simply wonder how you pronounce her surname? The name looks french but I’m not sure.

  5. I remember years ago if you wanted a separate room or the hair stylist to come to your home and so on you had to pay a premium price. Movie stars felt they needed to do this forever and they paid a lot for that extra service.

    I hope they are are not just demanding but are willing to pay for extra service.

  6. @Robin Shadowes: See here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vmtITBXD0w
    This is a video about a Quebec humorist, laurent Paquin. They name him at 0:05. That us how we pronounce Paquin in French. I do not know however if my fellow nglish-speaking Canadians pronounce it otherwise.

    As for what When Pigs Fly said….
    Oh, if you only know how a lot of Quebecers are fed up with all those stupid supposedly “reasonable” accommodations for the muslims… but the moment we DARE say that we are fed up and that it is a menace to our uebec/Canadian (read: western) values and history, we are branded islamophobics and racists by our “intellectuals”, our useful-idiotic medias, and the government…

    Just watch, one morning we will wake up in the 7th century… And by then it will be too late…

  7. ((By the way, following the reactions that he got after this news, he backed up on his project and decided to not make the separate room for the muslim women.

    There have been muslim women and even muslim men who went to see him to tell him to NOT go forward with this, that immigrants, even muslims, have to integrate themselves when they move to Canada, and that means no special rooms for hair salons for them.))

  8. That is great news Maya and thank you. That barber was a very bright fellow. He knew to guage the reaction from the broadcast before approving any plans. That was quite a good play frankly. It also shows that his head is likely in the right place, which is to say in a secular liberal democracy and would prefer not to have to do all that stuff.

    After all, with Islam appeasement always brings more and harsher demands. For example, had he gone forward it would not have been long before it was demanded that the kuffar use the side alley and emergency exit and the Muslims only can use the front door. This can be backed up by the growth of Islamic demands everywhere else on earth.

  9. You are very right Eeyore… and we do not have to look that far elsewhere on earth to see it… Let’s just take a look at the case of the Mosqueteria in Toronto…. I am pretty sure you have heard of it… A public school,s cafeteria turned every friday into a mosqueteria for the muslim prayers, where boys use the front entrance, girls the back entrance, and the mentruating girls, who are Ô so impure and dirty because of that natural cycle of life, must sit at the back of the room and not even take part in the prayer… No non-muslim, student or staff, can enter the cafeteria while this is going on…

    This is pretty much the same scenario you described… Give them an inch…

  10. Goes to show you that self-described feminists actually do not care one bit about women’s rights and I begin to think, never did. The lack of protest is deafening.

  11. This mans ancestors must be spinning in their graves, they fought long and hard to maintain their French identity and he is willing to give it away. Yes he backed down after the others screamed enough at him but he should have had spine enough to do so without being forced.

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