A couple of important videos on the gun-toon and the state of public schools.

First, Ezra Levant speaks with the lawyer of the man arrested while his home was searched and wife was prevented from going inside while the police searched without warrant because a 4 year old girl drew a gun with a crayon. Pay special attention to the last question Ezra asks. There is simply no way that a 4 year old could have drawn a pistol with the kind of accuracy that it could be assumed to be a specific one, let alone one described as in use for a robbery. Add to that she was actually representing a Nerf-gun. Frankly its hard to believe that even an adult artist with a knowledge of guns could be that accurate with children’s crayons

Next, a short interview with a school board superintendent. This I find terrifying. The very word, ‘co-parenting’ smacks of the state taking authority over peoples children’s to such a degree that they feel the parents should consider themselves lucky to see the kids at all. To paraphrase Chris Hitchens when he spoke about North Korea, ‘It is as if the school board read A Brave New World and thought, hey what a great idea! This could work!’

Sometime in the 1980s, and I’m sorry I can’t find a link to this although it would be in the Ottawa Citizen archives if someone wanted to pony up the $75.00 or so to get it, there was an immigrant family from Eastern Europe somewhere. Could have been Poland but somewhere east of Germany anyway. They had several children and a newborn. At some point, they decided to take the then traditional bear-skin rug pictures of the new born. This is to say, the baby was naked and lying on a soft rug or whatever and they took photos for the family album. Something my parents took of me (I feel safe saying that as both my parents are dead and I doubt even Canada exhumes bodies and arrests them. yet.) and everyone’s parents did this as customary.

When the father brought the film into a Black’s Photo to have them developed, the film-tech was obliged to take these pictures to the manager. The manager was legally bound to report to the police. The police were then obliged to arrest this man, have the children all removed from the home and taken to Children’s Aid. I don’t know what happened to the mother. The man immediately lost his job. The family was irreparably damaged.

If I remember correctly, the family moved away from Canada back to the ex-communist country they had come from. Makes sense. Why leave one totalitarian state-run hell hole for another. The thing that is so offensive about this clip above, is that with the photo-story one had the sense at the time that all people in the chain knew the real story but had to unwillingly do the things they did because they would be in real legal trouble if they did not thanks to horrid and totalitarian legislation passed under the thin guise of ‘safety for the child’ while this school board superintendent reeks of sanctimony and petty tyranny.

For anyone thinking of home schooling, now might be a good time.

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6 Replies to “A couple of important videos on the gun-toon and the state of public schools.”

  1. He looks like a rough and tumble dad. Being a white guy, he’s probably a racist homophobe white supremecist. We ought to get Richard Warren to investigate him and his Klan.

  2. The kid draws a lion – your house will be searched for a lion, he draws an elephant they will be looking for the elephant, he draws a spacecraft and they will look for it too… or weapons of mass destruction, or a dinosaur, or goblins, three little pigs, little Red Riding Hood and a Mad Hatter.

    My daughter used to draw a lot of tigers when she was 4 years old; how lucky we didn’t get arrested…

  3. If cops can raid your house without a warrant, and without you being present, then they can also plant anything they want there, the merest suspicion of which instantly invalidates anything and everything they find – which is why right now they still need to get warrants!

    Same with Harper’s proposed “lawful access legislation” which wants random cops to be able to access our email passwords etc at will, without even having to inform their superiors, much less any judge…. which wil only have the ultimate effect of renderint ALL “evidence” gathered by email, in ALL cases from now on, null and void! It will do the exact opposite of what Harper wants it to do.

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