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2 Replies to “One British man speaks on the recent protests at ‘Asian take-away’s’”

  1. The young man is correct in his assessment. Stifling any frank discussion about the ‘asian’ pedophile groomers for over a dozen years is going to backfire in a big way.
    It’s been, at the very least, a dozen years since UK Channel4 attempted to air their own documentary on the subject. UK’s Channel 4 Pulls Child Sex Documentary on Racial Fears, “Edge of the City”
    The producers of this documentary spent a year working with Bradford Social Services and the troubled people they help. “These are the neighbours we don’t want to know whose problems we don’t want to see,” said the producers. How right they were.

  2. The left has inadvertently created the climate for the revolution that will destroy them as a poilticial force for several decades.

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