Does Canada have two laws, one for Muslims and one for the rest of us like England does?

The EDL have been the most vocal about it, but British people in general have been expressing their feelings that the government of the UK seems to be applying two very different standards in law, both in terms of verdict, excuses for a not-guilty and sentencing on conviction. Most Brits are careful of how they express it of course because at this stage any show of belief in Britishness in Britain is often viewed as racism somehow.

But is Canada different or different only in degree and stage?

Recently a four year old Kitchener, Ontario girl drew a picture of a gun in her public kindergarten school class. Police were called as were Family and Social Services. A warrantless search of her father’s property and premises was done and he was arrested for possession of a firearm although none had been found before that and frankly, none has been found since.

Now I am no lawyer but this seems like a peculiar reading of Habious Corpus. (sp)

At the end of Ezra Levant’s rather excellent and direct TV remarks on this issue he ended with the question of whether or not the same thing would have happened had the fathers name been Mohamed or something similar.

Well as it turns out we don’t need to wait for an answer.

Below, is a drawing done at a Muslim school by a young student that not only was a gun, but was incitement to genocide, to the destruction of an entire nation for Islam and not only were the police not called, but despite the national attention this received when a reporter saw it, no search of the family home was done, no arrest or strip search of the parents.

From Ottawa Muslim school

Ottawa Muslim school drawing of gun

So there you have it. Canada also has two sets of laws. One for the docile, law abiding Canadian people where if your single digit aged daughter draws a gun-toon with crayons, you lose all your rights before the law, and I mean real rights, not fake ones like ‘not being offended’ but ones that protect you from a fascist state that can arrest you, search you and your property and humiliate you in any way they see fit without warrant at any time.

Remember, this drawing of the machine gun as a cover for an essay on how Muslims must destroy Jews and Israel and take over the world was international news for some time as you can see from this link from England’s the Telegraph.


Here are a few points about the Muslim school essay:

The essay was an 8 page, fictional story accompanied by a cover illustration written by a Muslim boy as part of a creative writing essay competition at the school.

1. (former) Principal Aisha Sherazi expressed “shock” despite the fact that the essay was displayed in a glass case at the school.

2. From what I can tell, there were no reports of police being called by any school staff member(s) in response to the content of the essay even though it clearly glorified violence/martyrdom/Jew hatred.

3. An investigation was launched by Ministry of Education officials.The two teachers that praised the boy’s work were suspended by the school. I don’t believe they were ever reprimanded by ministry officials.

4. The boys father was not apprehended at the school by police officers, nor was his home searched. He was not detained, nor was he strip searched.

5. The boy’s name, age or grade were not disclosed to the public citing “privacy” concerns.

6. The boy’s cover illustration for his fictional story entitled ” The Long Road” clearly showed the drawing of a machine gun ( accompanied by other vulgar, hate-filled images).

7. The story made international headlines in March of 2005.

** Abraar Islamic school was est. in 2000. Students from kindie- age 13 attend. It does not receive state funding. All classes are subject to the Ontario curriculum except Arabic classes (in which the story was written). As of 2005, the school has not been inspected by government officials. (that may have changed to date, but I don’t know for sure).


Lastly, here is a webpage advertising this years ‘Israeli apartheid week‘ poster contest. Think anyone will be arrested, strip searched or raided at home based on the drawings we will see here?

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  1. I’d like to also add that the former principal of Abraar school (in which this Muslim boy’s essay was the centre of controversy/praise/defence back in 2005), Aisha Sherazi is now a pastoral care worker at Ottawa’s Merivale High School and a staunch supporter of Muslim prayer practices in Ontario public schools.

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