Ezra on the guntoon.

In some ways, Commie-Canada is no better than irrational totalitarian Islamic states or Soviet states. This is a stellar example. But I think most Canadian readers who have children in urban schools have their own stories about how schools indoctrinate their children with communist propaganda and made to turn in their parents for say, having an older model washing machine or drying machine and violating the dogma of carbon production. The fact that it’s all crap of course, means nothing except better not mention it. Your child will be…

Well you will be arrested, strip searched and eventually jailed.

Your child will be sent to the state. Look at the Soviet union then, and England now to see how Canada will most likely become. Lastly, from this incident we can see what the totalitarian state is most deathly afraid of…

…free citizens with the ability to defend themselves, their property and their family. The last thing ideologues can tolerate.

Prime minister Harper.

You have done a fantastic job at restoring real human rights and individual liberty. Please repeal any legislation that allows this to happen, or pass legislation that protect the individual from the state.

Charles Adler on same issue:

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  1. If we ever need our teachers and cops to take DE-sensitivity training, the time is now! P-C ideology, kindergarten logic carried through to ADULTS is turning our society into something right out of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! This is reality now. We had better learn which end is up and soon or we are surely heading into a new dark age.

  2. Typical of the mindset created by the attacks on law abiding owners, sadly almost all nations nations in the Anglo sphere have given up their ancient right to keep weapons for personal protection. Mao said all power grows from the barrel of a gun, well so does all freedom. When the population lets themselves be disarmed they are slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on.

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