Kalash: White survivalists in Afghanistan?

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Remember the National Geographic cover of the Afghan woman with pale skin and green eyes? It wasn’t the image that most people had of the peoples of Afghanistan. Razib Khan has been shedding some light on Afghan genes in the science magazine Discover this week. In particular Khan looks at the enigmatic Kalash.

The Kalash, a little-known, largely isolated, and religiously pagan tribe, in Afghanistan claim to be the descendants of Alexander the Great.

Numbering only a few thousand, the Kalash have been pressured by Islamic extremists in Afghanistan to convert to Islam. Female Kalash in particular are targeted for conversion, undermining the small tribal community. Khaliq, a Kalash elder, complained the Guardian that Pakistan had also “treated us like animals, and [the] valley [home of the Kalash] like a zoo.”

But the Kalsh appear to have the… read more.

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  1. from the article:

    In the end the Kalash and the Burusho are the best refutation of the “blondes going extinct meme.” The meme posits that the European physical characteristics par excellence are becoming submerged in a rising tide of color. The racial panic was explicit during the Victorian era, but more recently it has been sublimated and left inchoate because of the reigning ideology of multiculturalism whereby “right thinking” whites wouldn’t dare express racial consciousness (despite clear revealed preferences). But the Kalash and the Burusho illustrate that even out of a period of admixture distinctive traits from one parental population can reassert themselves through stochastic (e.g., drift) or deterministic (e.g., selection) forces.

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      The people who started that site likely pulled it down. As true-think and anti PC speech becomes more of a crime people have to be prepared for the consequence or stop doing it. Some people stop doing it.

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