‘Man killed by shotgun’ in Leeds park

The British people can all heave a sigh of relief for the strict gun control that they have. As a consequence, the story below simply cannot have happened and must be fiction or else how could that nice Muslim family have managed to accidentally shoot a British man to death while trying to scare him because he dared accuse one of them of beating up a girl?

From Yorkshire Evening Post:



Published on Thursday 9 February 2012 08:12


A man was fatally injured after being “stalked” and blasted in the face with a shot gun, a jury heard.

Gavin Clarke, 34, died four days after being allegedly shot by Afzal Arif in Savile Avenue, Chapeltown, Leeds, on August 8 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mr Clarke was shot after leaving nearby Savile Park where he had been doing fitness training.

Arif, 23, is on trial for murder alongside Sohail Mahmood, 23, who is alleged to have helped by acting as a “scout” by identifying Mr Clarke.

Three others are on trial accused of helping the pair cover up their involvement in the shooting.

Paul Greaney, prosecuting, said the motive for the killing was still a mystery but it may have been to do with Arif’s relationship with one of Mr Clarke’s relatives.

He told the court that Mr Clarke had expressed concerns to his partner that Arif may have been beating her up.

Mr Greaney described Mr Clarke as a very fit man with a background in boxing who had a “real physical presence”.

He said Mr Clarke was a creature of habit who went to Savile Park – known locally as The Rec – to train every day after finishing his work as a cleaning supervisor in the Little London area.

Arif admits firing the gun at Mr Clarke but denies murder, claiming he only intended to scare the victim. Mahmood denies any involvement in helping Arif.

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19 Replies to “‘Man killed by shotgun’ in Leeds park”

  1. This is just the beginning. How much will it take to get the lazy Brits off their a$$es and doing something about this invasion?

  2. Gun control laws should be called victim disarmament laws, the only people who obey them are the people who aren’t going to use guns to commit crimes. Welcome to the world that the left has created for us, one in which we have no rights and are expected to shut up and let them run the world.

  3. “The British people can all heave a sigh of relief for the strict gun control that they have.”

    yes, we can.
    as some one who currently owns 5 licenced shotguns and has owned handuns and held an explosives licence, i can say thank god or whoever, that we do not have the problems that america has and that i do not need to carry a gun when i go shopping.
    its easy to call us slaves untill you realise how much the americans (and others) are slaves to fear.
    fear amplified by those who make a living from guns.
    currently, there are fewer people shot and killed in the whole of western europe than in florida alone.

  4. muslims will have some sorry excuse and the brits will feel sorry for them. poor homicidal maniacs the jews made them do it. the brits will complain and then switch on the tv watch some soporific soap have a cuppa tea and forget it ever happened. the coutry is lost. best to the man’s family.

  5. The victim was described as having a background in boxing and real physical presence. Seems like the usual muzzie tactic of overkill with numbers would not have worked with this kafir so the shot him dead rather than face him, I hope they throw away the key!

  6. I think the physical preence bit will be used by the accused to show that he only meant to scare the man but because he was so big the defendent got scared and the gun accidently went off.ta da!

  7. Bilbo London and the other large Brit cities have more gun crime then the American cities, we don’t live in fear because we are armed, we live in safety. Remember all freedom came out of the barrels of guns and all tyrants want to seize the civilian guns.

  8. when pigs fly
    For your information some Brit’s are already off their “lazy asses” and doing something and have been for a long time. The only reason why you never hear about it is that any news about B.N.P. or E.D.L. activity apart from “news” which is meant to undermine these two organisations is deliberately stifled in the National media by directives from our corrupt government.

    The Yorkshire Evening Post is not a national journal but one that serves mainly the City of Leeds area. None of the nationals printed a word of this event as far as I know because of the government policy of keeping the public unaware of such happenings.

    There was a case of two whites murdering a young black 18yrs ago re-opened just recently and the story was slapped on the front pages of the daily nationals for weeks. That’s how bigoted our mass media is today, and all on the directive of the faceless wonders who have our corrupt politicians in their pockets.

    But this sort of thing is now happening all over the Western world including the U.S. and Australia. At least such organisations as the British National Party and the English Defense League are aware of what’s going on and they DO something about it. Some of them even end up in jail from time to time for their trouble. But very little is heard about this because of the government’s mass media gagging policy.

    Remember this, just because you can’t see what’s happening in the media doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. This applies to all Western nations including the U.S. who’s governments are for some reason deliberately encouraging these backward Islamic murdering cockroaches to infest their lands and put up mosques all over the place.

    In Sweden, with them having such a small population, people are now fleeing the country because of these Barbarians. In Holland the Islamic Party is now trying to get the ownership of pet dogs banned, no doubt using the excuse of hygiene when in fact they see dogs in the same light as pigs, “unclean animals”.

    They are also trying to bring in laws of blaphemy in Holland using the excuse that it will protect all religions. This is just another lie in order to make any criticism of Islam a criminal offense just as it is in some eastern Islamic controlled dust blown rat holes.

    Nick Griffin the BNP leader was himself jailed under our race laws a few years ago for daring to criticise Islam. His arrest was brought about by the biggest ant-British racist we are saddled with. His name is Trevor Phillips, a black Muslim of Somali origin who is one of the big wheels in the European Human Rights Commission whose salary of over £100,000 per year is paid by the British tax payer.

    I’m glad to say that it was pointed out to the fools who had him arrested that Islam is not a race of people but a so-called religion that is made up of different races. Because of this convenient error that made it possible for his arrest he was released.

    Once again I will point out that the Islamification of the west is not just a U.K. problem but a worldwide problem. I now hear that Michigan has got itself the unenviable title of the Islamic capital of the U.S..

    Regards from an old British patriot who would like to see the UK and the whole world rid of the infestation of Islam.

  9. Richard; given that america’s gun homicide rate is 20 times that of england and that more than 10,000 are killed each year by hand guns alone in the USA, i think you may have made something of an error there.

    “In 2003 alone, 30,136 Americans died by gunfire: 16,907 in firearm suicides, 11,920 in firearm homicides, 730 in unintentional shootings, and 232 in firearm deaths of unknown intent, …..”

    “Most of the 42 gun-related deaths last year took place in London, the West Midlands, Manchester or Merseyside, with swathes of the country recording no homicides, suicides or accidental deaths from firearms. ”

  10. Not according to the daily telegraph, and crime is measured by how many occur per hundred thousand, not the total number, by using the total number you are ignoring the vast difference in population between the two nations. Yes we have more gun murders then Britain but we also have over 10 times the population of Britain, comparing the rates of gun crimes, including murders you find Britain topping us. The you need to start looking at the location in the US with the large crime rates and check their gun control laws, different locations have different laws. You will find that the areas with the highest crime rates are the ones that have the harshest gun laws, going into the history you will find that crime, including gun crime increases after the implementation of gun control laws.

    I stand by my statements that we are safer and less violent because we have the right and means to defend ourselves. The left has spent the entire 20th Century and the first decade of this century attacking individual rights and the right of self defense, the result has been people thinking that disarming themselves is the way to safety. Look around the world and the nations with the highest crime rates are the ones with gun control.

  11. there are; 310 million americans
    62 million britons
    america has, there for, only 5 times the population of the UK

    american gun deaths =12,632 firearm homicides (year 2000)
    UK= 59 in 2005
    america wins by 214:1

    so, although those figures are not the latest, it shows that for only 5 times as many people, america is far deadlier.

    the UN gives the rate of gun homicide as roughlt 4.55 per 100 for the USA
    1.45 for the UK.

  12. Compare the robberies as well as the deaths, and as I said look at where the crimes are committed and what the gun laws are in those areas, every state has their own laws so they vary a lot. The liberal states with the harsh gun laws are the locations where the vast majority of the murders take place, the states with the less restrictive gun laws have lower crimes rates in all categories.

    Also at the moment the US is freer then Britain, not by much but a little, although the left is working to take our freedom away from us.

  13. “Also at the moment the US is freer then Britain, not by much but a little, although the left is working to take our freedom away from us.”

    given the appalling state of workers rights in the USA, (partly due to ineffective unions and evil corporate laws), i doubt that very much.

  14. We are free because the Unions don’t have the power to destroy the companies. I was wondering if you were on the left and now I know you are.

    Yes we are free of the tyranny of the unions and other leftists, they are working hard to ensure that we join the Europeans in slavery but we are fighting against this. Yes I said slavery, that is what all of the invented rights of the left boil down to, slavery for the produces and thinkers of the world so that the non producers can live a life of luxury without working for it. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution makes it harder for the left to enslave us, not impossible but harder.

  15. slavery??
    america is enslaved by lawyers, pork-barreling politicians, their corporate financiers, insurance companies and above all that: fear.
    how is it that a country supposedly so free needs so much fire-power just to go shopping?
    why is it that you are forced to pay so much for basic health care and even then, millions can not afford it?
    how is it that your country so willingly abandons those that fall on hard times?
    what does the average american, say an engineer, get by way of paid holiday?
    or sick leave?
    if you think i’m on the left, think again.
    i have always voted conservative or, more recently UKIP and i support the EDL.
    i am a nationalist but not a blind patriot, my country has plenty of faults, they just won’t kill me.

  16. Like I said the leftist are trying to enslave us, and the worst members of all of the groups you mentioned are political leftists.

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