A true Islamic ethical dilemma

So you discover that the imam that has gotten a ton of government money and influence because of his credentials and work in the area of multiculturalism and so on is a total fraud. That he has none of the qualifications he claims to have. On the other hand, it would almost certainly be worse for us poor Kuffar if he really did have the education he claimed to have. Do you let him get away with it? Or bust him for the fraud he really is?

Of course, it seems he is every bit as ‘radical’ and ‘extremist’ even without the formal Islamic training he claimed to have. He should be disposed of either way I should think. Certainly an immediate end to funding, influence and any mosques he is involved with closed at first light.

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  1. What to say about this, that even the most respected imam, praised by the high and mighty ruling elite, turns out to be a serial liar.

    There is no hope for Europe unless we turn back from the path we are on.

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