A year ago, another Iranian assassin was allowed to return to the IRI

This week’s horrible murder of a thirty year old expat Iranian Women’s-rights activist needs to be seen as not an isolated event, but as a symbol of Iran’s escalating campaign against anyone anywhere who opposes its fanatical Islamist totalitarian regime. When we foiled the fantastical plot to kill the Israeli and Saudi ambassador in Washington not so long ago, the plot had two things going for it that tended to make people dismiss it.

1. It did not succeed.

2. It was so elaborate and ambitious that it sounded like a rather poorly written amateur spy novel.

Foiled terrorist plots, are never factored in to the arguments for the people who feel Islam is simply not a problem. As a consequence, each foiled plot fails to make an impression on us, that we have a huge problem both with Islam, and with Islamic governments.

While it has not yet been proven that the murder of this woman was an IRI plot I would like to offer this nearly year old CNN video as a data point in favor of that proposition.

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