Ezra discuses sex selective abortions

While the questions Ezra raises are good ones and well worthy of public debate. Actually a public debate is urgently needed on these issues, I have a different approach to this issue.

Imagine you own a home, and you have relatives living there with you. Perhaps even a friend or two. All people who live within your walls share a certain set of values and so, enjoy a great deal of freedom within that house with a basic understanding of the rules which allow for peaceful cooperation on most issues most of the time.

Also, each person who lives in that home will vet anyone who wishes to enter, establishing their identity, function and will have reasonable expectations of that persons behavior, culture if you will, before they are granted entry to your home. That way, when you come home from work and find a stranger in your house, you can have some confidence that it is not someone who plans to work against your interests as some householder invited them in. Generally speaking of course.

Our governments for the past forty some years in Canada, and it seems, in every other western country, has decided instead to let anyone and everyone in especially if they do not share any of our values. As a consequence, freedoms are being lost daily for the majority of responsible citizens because of the behavior of those we let live here who frankly have nothing in common with us.

Because certain cultures are selecting against female children and electing to abort girls, the right to know the gender of your child will be removed from all potential parents in Canada as a likely counter-measure.

This is insane. It is the kindergarten-teacher approach to discipline. Punish the whole class for the one child chewing gum. It is not a way to treat adults, something governments in Canada have not been doing in many respects for a long time now.

It is reasonable to know the gender of your child so that you might make early choices that are best for your new baby. It is not reasonable to abort on that basis. This is not acceptable to Canada. I hope legislators have along hard sober look at this issue as it is just one of hundreds that can be solved at the source, and the source is immigration.

hear that Mr. Kenney? You can solve this problem and preserve Canadian liberties.

Let’s not take the route of England and other Western nations who are destroying their precious liberties as quickly as seems convenient to accommodate giant numbers of hostile aliens.

Second video on this will be posted here shortly…

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  1. if its musrats aborting unborn girls then surely that is a good thing.
    it limits the availablity of suitable mates for their rabbit-like breeding habits.

  2. @Bilbo. No it doesn’t. Quite the contrary. It will only do what it has always done, encourage them to do more conquests and take the kuffar women and girls as war booty.

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