Taqyyia, Kitman, softening the infidel on SUN TV

There was a fascinating interview today on SUN TV. A Kingston Ontario imam came on to explain how there is no Islamic precepts or texts to justify honor killing or violence in Islam or for Islamic reasons. In the video below, you will find the complete interview, but I added in chapter and verse from many authoritative Islamic texts, even though the simple fact that in nearly (but not completely) all cases, when an ‘honor killing’ takes place it is by Muslims and the reasons given are defense of the faith of Islam or, reasons of family honor where Islamic law is the justification for the murder.

I also added in an interview with a Montreal Imam, who, being interviewed by a very Islamo-philic Radio-Canada, still shocked the apologists for sharia by admitting that stoning women and cutting hands was an immutable part of Islam and that ‘God’s laws’ are for peace justice and clarity. (Of course, in the Islamic sense of those words, he is correct.)

Remember, he was trying to dumb down the horrors of sharia law, yet still utterly contradicts the imam interviewed today on Sun TV.

It is also worth noting, that this imam made a challenge in the National post asking anyone to submit any Koranic proof of sanctioning honor killings etc. When Point De Bascule, (tipping point) the excellent and thorough Quebec based website, sent in piles of it which is referenced in this video, the National Post chose not to publish it, or indeed, anyones refutation of this Quebec born imam’s absurd and demonstrably false claims.

For the full Radio-Canada clip with the Montreal imam click here:

For the Tipping Point website please click here:

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4 Replies to “Taqyyia, Kitman, softening the infidel on SUN TV”

  1. Will they also argue that lashing/stoning for adultery has nothing to do with Islam? Will they argue that violence against women has nothing to do with Islam / sharia? and on and on!

    It does not matter how heineous the crime their response is always the same. Namely: It happens among all cultures, religions and above all else, it has nothing to do with Islam. If that does not work then the critics are branded as racists and islamaphobes. This line of argument is a meme!

    This Denial is the most serious part of this as it indicates, that these violent crimes are institutionalized in islamic [sharia] culture. The fact is; they should have been eradicted from the face of the earth centuries ago. But this was not possible at any time because the islamic mullahs stand in the way of any reform, hence the pittance of sentences handed down to the perpetrators right across the Muslim world. They control family morals, yes, the mullahs cannot keep their snouts out of people’s bedrooms. Such is their want!

    Strange is it not, that it is only the dreaded kuffer who are always outraged over such crimes and try to get to the root cause. In the final analysis: The mullah ridden herds are fooling no one other than themselves!

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