EU threatens to withhold financial support from Hungary over definition of marriage: report

No matter what your feelings on gay marriage are, this is still an excellent example of how and why the European Union is a totalitarian, ideologically driven (and leftist at that) institution which removes basic rights to autonomous culture and decision making in a very Soviet style manner. Except its withholding the carrot more than it is, presenting the stick.


by Kathleen Gilbert

  • Thu Jan 12, 2012 17:28 EST
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BUDAPEST, January 12, 2012 ( – European Union officials are making their disapproval of Hungary’s recent constitutional changes felt by threatening to withhold financial support if it does not remove its new amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, according to one Hungarian source.

The so-called “Easter constitution” adopted in the post-Communist country last May was a major shakeup for Hungarian politics and an outrage to progressive EU ideology: the document not only supported marriage but declared that the unborn child deserves protection from the moment of conception, and even made special mention of Christianity as lying at the heart of the country’s identity. The document’s discussion of human rights also does not mention sexual orientation, another break from EU priorities.

The Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet claimed this week that the EU would move to drop financial aid to Hungary unless officials there scratched the marriage definition and dropped criminal charges against former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, according to unnamed sources in Brussels. A spokesperson for the European commissioner for economic affairs called the allegation “nonsense,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

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