Police ask for help in apprehending gang assault on Luxembourg train

Public asked to help catch four youngsters seen violently assaulting a passenger on a Luxembourg train

Police have posted footage from a train surveillance camera showing a group of youngsters savagely attack a lone passenger. The horrific incident took place on December 14th 2011 between 22:15h and 23:00h on a train between Luxembourg City and Rodange.

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  1. How utterly sad. I hope the victim recovers though I doubt much will happen to the thugs who did this deed. In the early 90’s, I used to live very close to Luxemborg City (Bitburg GE.) and felt very safe there. One of my many joys was to take my family on walks along the Prum river at the park in Ecternach by the ancient monastery. The old Customs House at the Lux/German border, even then, an empty anachronism in the “New Europe” of open borders. It was so beautiful, so green, now but a dying world. The sadness I feel is profound over the impending loss of all this cultural heritage. Then there was Trier, Germany’s oldest city. Once the most important city of the north west corner of the Roman Empire in late antiquity. So important that the Emperor Constantine held court there for a spell before shifting the momentum of Rome further east and a new capital. Trier, A beautiful place stocked full of Roman ruins. The Porta Negra, the bath houses, the Ampitheater, The Konstantinbasilika abbutting the Archbishop’s Palace, the Roman Bridge spanning the Mosel River, so strong and enduring we could literally convoy an entire Patriot Missile battery across it. The sight of young lovers caressing on a parkbench gazing intently into each other’s eyes without a care shown to the surrounding world. The medieval Marktplatz with it’s charming half-timbered buildings complete with a Mickey D’s, a statement of our times, then. Now? Minarets sprouting in the forrests and working class neigborhoods. Attacks upon indigenous Europeans on mass transit carriers, no-go zones the police fear to trod, a crumbling economy collapsing under the weight of welfare benefits to an ever growing, ever assertive, and largely muslim immigrant community. Oh Trier, my love, where are you going? The dye was cast long before us. Long before even the Frankfurt School of old Weimar days. The impulse that triggered these floodgates of our potential doom was actuated in 1818 with the birth of Karl Marx, and of all places? None other than Trier Germany.

    Requiem Pro Europa

  2. If you notice this was a co ordinated attack, they come from different ends of the train before attacking the hapless man. Mobile phone records should be used.

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