Shafia family adds insult to injury to Canada with grotesque lie about the police

This is surreal in its magnitude and transparency. I guess the only good thing one can say about the Shafia family is that they seem to be crappy liars although not un-practiced ones perhaps.

The fact that they claim that a Canadian police department would torture their son if they didn’t falsely confess to a murder is a horrific sort of lie, because it means that we have police forces that act likes ones in Islamic nations. And we most certainly do not.

Add to that, the easily caught lie that they never saw the pictures till after the murders when there is video of the father showing off the photo album before they happened.

I must admit, the CBC did a great clip on this. I take back 10% of the nasty things I have said about them.

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  1. Of course; this caring mother would never let any harm come to her children! Wonder if this loving mother ever stopped to think of her young daughters in their last moments competing for O2 as they must have done? Short of being buried alive, their end up couldn’t have been more dreadful! Did she ever stop to consider her beloved son’s future before involving him in her crimes and thereby destroying his young soul? I doubt it somehow. This woman and her second hand, shame filled husband are a new virulent strain of psychopaths roaming around in the West and their crimes merit careful study. But this is most unlikely as the authorities would have to take off their MC/PC blinkers!

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