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3 Replies to “Video from right after the explosion at the missile base in Iran”

  1. OT someone posted on jw as vladtepes2 – they linked to anti Israel propoganda about Israel’s nuclear program masquerading as a serious paper. It even says Israel is targeting russia with their nukes, as well as europe and america. I haven’t seen that paper on this site and doubt that I would.

    This is the typepad profile:


    and this is another link that shows a few of his comments.


    They don’t seem to be in the same sort of style I have read on this site.

    I have seen commenters who have long rambling anti jihadist comments in their profiles yet post concise propoganda in comments.

  2. I didn’t think it was related to this site.

    During the gellar/EDL kerfuffle there were a lot of phoneys who chose names similar to known ones and used those quasi disguises to spread disinformation and confusion as well as to try and pick fights.

    You gotta hand it to them. They know every way to lie there is.

    You should look out for that douche and call him out when next he posts on a commonly read site or two.

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