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6 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on Michael Coren’s show Jan 2 2012”

  1. i can’t help thinking that if what Tommy said about the performance of his local press is even partly true, if they have ever considered the effects that their self-censorship will have on their future relevance to the communities they claim to serve.
    or perhaps, like the politicians, they no longer care.

  2. Michael Coren asked why there is a reluctance to state the whole of the truth within the press etc. It is my opinion that the liberal advocates of multiculturalism are frightened, timid people who would prefer to live under oppression than fight for the right to live in freedom. They believe they hold the moral high-ground as they are non-violent but fail to realise that “”We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us” (quote attributed to Orwell).

    Another aspect is the holocaust and the Nazi period of Germany. The liberal mindset considers that white Europeans are capable of the most horrendous cruelty to their fellow man and therefore must be suppressed in thought, word and deed.
    What they seem to forget is the fact that Britain and all other western people fought against such tyranny and a repeat of the Nazi era perpetrated by any western country today is inconceivable.

    The tragedy is that it is the liberal chattering classes that have sway with governments and media today.

  3. Bravo bravo bravo, never surrender, EDL EDL EDL

    All the very best to EDL and Tommy, heroic leader of EDL and hope you have lots more people who rally to the cause in 2012

    Push back those anus sniffers into puddles of stench in the sewers of history…..

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