Egyptian blogger gets death threats for nude protest

From European Son
Porn and religious fundamentalism just don’t mix. Or do they? Well, it appears so.

Take the case of Aliaa Magda al-Mahdy, 20. In protest against Egypt’s illiberalism and religious fundamentalism, in December, she and a male friend posted nude photos of themselves on their blogs. The Muslim-majority state exploded with shock, furor, debate, and assertions of medieval values.

Aliaa continued her protest against the oppression that she, and millions of women in the state experience on a daily basis. The twenty-year old blogger called for women to remove the hijab for freedom, and to send her two photographs to post on her blog, one veiled and one unveiled.

Enter the pious, the moral, and the self-righteous.

Aliaa has been threatened several times with rape and death for her self-expression, challenging Egypt’s oppressive conventions. But, as… read more.

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  1. She is an individual and acting like one, the totalitarians can not stand for this to happen. This is the reason so many people are attacked, they are acting outside what the control freaks think of as the norm, be it a woman/girl who dares to identify herself as the one posing naked or a redneck wearing camo the control freaks have a problem with it.

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