UPDATE on the LA car fires

I think this is worth tracking. As Richard pointed out, chaos is chaos and serves the interests of anyone who wishes to destabilize Western nations. However I am curious about this series of events. If it is by more than one person, it is less likely to be a random non-political person with a psychopathology of arson. Also, its been a few days now. Surely the police have had a chance to check security camera footage from somewhere at this point. Granted, L.A. is not yet London and thank god for small mercies, but still lots of cameras everywhere in private hands.

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  1. It might be bored teens of one ethnic group or another, it might be bored teens who are following the occupy movement, or it might be someone else. As Eeyore pointed out the Moslems in Europe originated the sport of burning cars for fun, so they should be high on the suspect list.

    Like you I carry mace as well as something more lethal, and it is a sad commentary for our current culture when people need to be armed before they feel comfortable.

  2. In the days when reason prevailed in the west, we used to guard various borders with the understanding that we were protecting the culture and values of the people within them. This was a good thing. We literally auditioned people who wished to immigrate often offering them a chance at citizenship if they performed a certain number of years of a specific kind of service and were able to complete them with good references and no criminal activity of any kind. The consequence was, that pretty much anyone inside Canada for example, had been born with, or adopted, the values that made this a pretty great country.

    Now we seem to have dropped the idea of borders altogether in significant ways and allow all cultures and values to act with impunity, forcing people who are traditional of Western nations to radically change their habits. Blonde Scandinavian girls have to dye their hair black to reduce, but not eliminate, the chances of being raped by an immigrant. Many people are armed or if not allowed to, improvise some kind of device for self defense such as ammonia in a lemon juice bottle etc. because many areas which formerly were just fine are now unsafe in oh-so-many ways.

    This is not an improvement.

  3. My guess (until proven wrong):

    — Islamic terrorism.
    — OWS terrorism.
    — ECO terrorism.
    — Local anarchists.
    — Et cetera. (My remark: It was arson in conjunction with hijacked aircrafts that destroyed WTC in NYC, and badly damaged the Pentagon during 9/11/01.)

  4. A German national seen on CCTV footage has been taken into custody. Was driving a van with Canadian plates that had arson items inside.

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