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3 Replies to “Quebec TV talking head, “Unfortunately Israel has not collapsed yet””

  1. The thing about so many people like this is that they are so profoundly ignorant. So many people go through their entire lives never really learning anything because they can’t shut their own egos up long enough to let information in, their sense of self acting in the same dog-in-the-manger way that carbon monoxide acts in the blood stream to block oxygen absorption. They are always forming an opinion and never weighing the evidence. It’s really disheartening. This guy has obviously never put in as much as 15-minutes studying the Palestine issue and yet he is shouting his opinion for all the world to hear. Narcissistic personality disorder of the intellect, perhaps?

  2. This just shows the ignorance of the Québec media. I’ve listened to that show before and Ms Proulx just let’s this baffoon babble on about something he doesn’t know the first thing about. The intellect of the Québec media is bankrupt.

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