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10 Replies to “TV show on Frank Gaffney’s ‘Team B’ report.”

  1. Ive heard of this here, but its not on any network. Its more of an internet TV thing, like PJTV, AFAIK. Of what I have heard so far has been mainly pissing and moaning from Leftist and Musturds, so it must be onto something.

  2. Not a very polished TV show (yet). At least, they are women talking about ‘Islamism’. My understanding is that it is an Internet based TV show. Of course, I knew Victoria from her SNL appearances and that she is a member of the Tea Party. Good on her for taking this initiative. Hopefully, more women will join in her effort.

  3. Victoria Jackson is a former SNL (Yup as in Saturday Night Live) star who has been known as very conservative and very outspoken for years.

    People might think this is a gag but it isn’t. She doesn’t come across as the sharpest tack in the box but her background is as an improv comedian who plays ditsy blonds, pretty much the exact opposite of an academic or talking head.

    She isn’t stupid but her brain works completely differently than someone’s who has trained as a lawyer or academic. She is mentally trained to grab various kinds of things out of a flow of interaction with other people rather than trained to create order or work with established intellectual systems as an academic or lawyer is.

    Also she is dealing with this stuff the same way we all do. She just came from a long seminar on a subject that is new to her and hasn’t yet digested everything.

    The simple truth is that this menace is composed of too many aspects to deal with all at the same time. Unfortunately that is exactly what people tend to do when they first confront it. Citizen Warrior has cautioned people to focus on a few things only as it will become daunting if you try to confront every aspect at once.

  4. This is the politichicks from the conservative byte webzine, you can get it sent to your email box and watch new shows everyday.

  5. I read the report when it first came out a year ago. The contents are shocking !
    But, nothing can wake up the sleeping giant !

  6. From the Politichicks website:

    “On Tuesday, November 15, Patriot Update launched a brand new website called PolitiChicks.TV which will be devoted entirely to Conservative politics, Conservative arts and entertainment and much more.”

    Recent videos include:
    PolitiChicks: Gays, Muslims & Gay Muslims (Ep 1)
    PolitiChicks Say Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake! (Ep 2)
    PolitiChicks: Illegal Immigration is…Illegal! (Ep 3)
    PolitiChicks Vs. Occupiers (Ep 4)
    PolitiChicks: Does Rape Justify Abortion? (Ep 5)
    PolitiChicks: Can Christians Vote for a Mormon? (Ep 6)

  7. Bully for Victoria Jackson. The one thing that will completely defeat the Muslims is if we figure out what they’re up to, and then let them know that we know. They can’t hurt us if we stop believing their lies.

  8. is this an old saturday night live skit??????? just kidding, actually this is the first time i am seeing this and i am very impressed. kudos victoria jackson!

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