Pakistan: Asia Bibi, a Christian jailed on false “blasphemy” charges, to spend another Christmas in prison

Partial article from Jihad Watch. Please click over to read the rest.

Also thank you JK for caring enough for this person to send the link around on the feint hope that Pakistan will release this person. The world seems to be immersed in a sort of moral twilight now and heading quickly for total darkness.


Does Pakistan think it makes its Islamic republic look strong and powerful to persecute this woman and reduce her to this state? Quite to the contrary, it conveys a sense of fear, both that Islam cannot stand on its own merits in the free market of ideas, and of angering violent Islamic supremacists who may turn on the state that has allowed them to run amok.

As with the recent roundup of Ethiopian Christians in Saudi Arabia, Pakistani authorities’ display of power here is ultimately a display of weakness.

“Christmas in prison for Asia Bibi, sentenced to death for blasphemy,” by Jibran Khan for Asia News, December 20:

Islamabad (AsiaNews) – Her only hope for the future is to return to her family, to embrace her daughters, so she asks for our prayers while praying that other “brothers and sisters” will not go to prison on false charges of blasphemy. It will be another Christmas in jail, away from her loved ones, for Asia Bibi, the Christian mother of five children, locked in the women’s prison Sheikpura (Punjab), sentenced to death by the ” black law” pending appeal, still awaiting for the High Court of Lahore to set a date. Yesterday a delegation of the International Masihi Foundation, an NGO that deals with the legal protection of women, visited her to exchange greetings on the eve of the festive season. And for the first time since the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was killed by his bodyguard in January last year, Asia has found herself before a large group of people so far, in fact, she could only speak with her husband and the lawyer during the weekly interview with relatives.It was Taseer who called the law a “black law” before he was assassinated.

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  1. Even if Aisha Bibi’s appeal is successsful and she is released from prison, her life will still be at risk from the vigilante limb of the mullahs army! Such is the evil of the blasphemy laws!

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