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5 Replies to “Michael Coren answers Whoopi Goldberg’s statement about how perfect communism is on paper.”

  1. LET US REMEMBER – Whoopi Goldberg is but a product of Hollywood. Absurdity has become her trademark. Too bad as she once was a pretty good actress.

  2. People like Whoopie are dangerous because they are products of Hollywood, the old movies celebrated America and freedom, modern movies show both as being expendable.

  3. Whoopi Goldberg has the ability to look very intelligent and wise, but it’s all an act. She is tragically uneducated and wouldn’t know a critical thought if it bit her on the nose. I mean, she could play – and probably has – a Nobel Prize-winning professor without difficulty, but she can’t think her way out of a paper bag. I guess that’s why they call it “acting”. What she’s doing here is making the tired point that collectivist state-ism looks a lot better on paper than it turns out to be, which is true, but whatever. I find it irritating that people like her never seem to know any of the stuff that Michael Coren lists on the video. Why not? I’ll tell you why not. Whoopi just starts shouting like a game-show contestant the minute anybody says anything intelligent withing her hearing range.

  4. Stalin did not just murder and starve his own people in masse, he reduced the Ukrainian people in particular, to cannabilism; a fate, worse than death. Chairman Mao did the same to his own people during the cultural revolution! This is the end result of the revolutionary and utopian mind!

    Whoopi Golderg is a product of the sixities, stuck in the sixties, act or no act!

  5. Mr. Coren makes a rather bad argument here. No country has practised communism as Marx envisioned it, especially not any of those he mentioned. I have no opinion on this Goldberg person but she is right that communism works on paper. The human nature just makes it very difficult in practice.

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