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4 Replies to “Charles Adler: Iran’s weapons program is past the point of stopping it, and freedom of speech on campus.”

  1. Unfortunately it is too late to stop Iran, nothing short of a massive month long massive bombing campaign (like that used at the beginning of Gulf War I) stands a chance of stopping them. The only nation that has the military assets to carry out this camapign is the US and Obama is not going to attack Iran.

  2. However Ron Paul (who I trust just a little bit more than the others) insisted on The Tonight Show with Leno, that the Iranian nuke thing is pre-invasion propaganda, similar to that of the supposed WMD’s before the U.S. hit Iraq. Comments brethren?
    Regardless — if Iran is really moving towards nuclear weapons, I am positive that between the Mossad and the CIA, their program will be very expertly disrupted with levels of covert sabotage beyond what we, or the Iranians can imagine.

  3. I think people who believe that the Iranian program will be significantly interfered with by the US are wrong. Im sure there is stuff going on behind the sceenes, but with Presedent Hussein and that bitch Clinton up in the wheelhouse, not much will happen. If theres anything we can learn from the “Fast and Furious” fiasco, its that this admin. loves to create a crisis to push their agenda. We know from him blocking the Keystone pipeline and drilling of our own reserves that he desperately wants to cut the supply of oil to push his green agenda. We also know that Iran wants to maximize the chaos they create, and they will almost certainly take steps to block the supply of oil to the west. Lastly, we know that Obama took no action during Iran’s legitimate revolution to overthrow the mullacracy, and let them be slaughtered by the regime.

    I think its safe to say that he wants Iran to raise hell in the middle east so it chokes the supply of oil, and makes his bust investments in things like Solindra look justified. I cant see any other explanation that would fit the facts at hand.

  4. Blind Druid prior to the invasion of Iraq every intelligence organization in the world were sure he had an active weapons of mass destruction program, now the anti-war, anti-Bush people are saying that he knew it was a lie! How could he be the only one knowing it was a lie, and given the actions of the Iranians, the information from allied intelligence agencies why are we to expect the reports of an Iranian nuclear weapons program to be a lie? And you must remember that the current Iranian President and the previous one have openly stated that they are going to use nukes on Israel and the US. Do we dare not take them seriously? Which cities in the west are you willing to lose to prove that they have nuclear weapons?

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