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9 Replies to “9 dead in fresh riots in Cairo”

  1. Egypt will have a civil war!

    There is no way around it. The military do not want to loose power in the end, the islamist groups do not want to be fooled from taking what they think is theirs and Allahs, and some kind of third group made out of people who hate the military and dislike the islamists will continue to fight and protest without end.

  2. And the poor copts will get killed on a regular basis, while the West infested with multicultural lunacy looks the other way, and keeps mumbling about “moderates” who never show up, and a “peaceful islam” that never existed.

  3. Freedom and liberty does not come by throwing the blood thristy, tyrants from their thrones. The tyrant [servile spirit] has to be first ousted from the minds , the hearts and the homes of the ordinary, every day folk. Failing that, they will merely encounter a new and more resilent tyrant to keep their chains forever fastened.

  4. A civil war will not happen but more chaos will continue. The economy will keep going down as people refuse to go to the hell hole they see on TV. Now if only this could happen to Turkey then no more infidel or very little infidel money in tourist revenue would go to the Islamo- inbreeds. I actually find it amazing that people visit these hell holes at all, but then I am a Scottish folk singer lost in the lovely songs of Robbie Burns and I have no time for such things.

  5. This is the result of a liberal revolution, liberal revolutions are staged to invent rights for the people, conservative revolutions are staged to restore rights.

  6. Not really, the rights in the US grew out of many centuries of progress in Britain, the terror that came from the French revolution was an attempt to suddenly impose values and rights on the people before they had any experience with them. The same type of terror occurred following all liberal revolutions during the 20th Century, now we are seeing the same thing play out in cultures which have much less history of individual rights then the French did prior to their revolution. Sudden cultural changes always generate violence, attempts to dictate rights that go against the culture and religion of a nation will generate massive violence.

    We can expect to see much more violence and probably a 21st Century version of the starving of the Ukrainians before the question of who is going to run Egypt (my money is on the Moslem Brotherhood) is settled.

    Lack of understanding of history leads to the same mistakes being made over and over, with a growing number of deaths because of those mistakes.

    FYI, to change a culture to accept democracy you need at minimum of 50 years of teaching democracy and rights in the schools. A modern education isn’t necessary, nor is universal or close to universal literacy needed, but there must be a strong acceptance to the idea of democracy and individual rights among the population.

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