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8 Replies to “Cultural enricher in Denmark suggests that a cop there must be a racist-Jew”

  1. Unbelievable. How can this Policeman stand there and take that???? The Muslim thinks that he will have the last laugh…LOL he has another thing coming. The good thing is the Muslims are so sure of themselves and won’t even see it coming.

  2. I don’t understand why he was not charged for verbally abusing a police officer – in most countries that’s a crime isn’t it?

    People like that man shouldn’t be on the streets. If he can talk to police that way how does he talk to other people he doesn’t like?

  3. Police there are a bunch of Europussies. Pulled over 48 times and still not in jail?

    At least over here in the US they pin you to the ground, put your ass in handcuffs, and toss you in the back of the squad car. But with time it’ll probably end up just like that.

  4. The goon was clearly trying to incite the police to use violence.

    Near the end the cop says “if you don’t GET it I’ll arrest you” to this hate speach spewing psycho who they know has done this about 40 times already. It is plain that he does get it. These officers have taught him that he can break minor laws whenever he wants, can use racist hate speach at police officers, and repeatedly threaten police officers and absolutley nothing will happen to him beyond getting a ticket which to his world view means absolutely nothing.

    It looks to me like it is the police who don’t get it. They should have arrested him.

  5. What a fine specimen of the new Master Race, huh? If it had been me I would have head butted the arselifter. Head butt is ironically called dansk skalle (danish head) in swedish.

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