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2 Replies to “Michael Coren on Newt Gingrich remarks on Palestinians as an invented people.”

  1. The cat is out of the bag now… Not that it should ever have been put there, but it was lack of fighting back against the lies cooked up by arabs and their Soviet backers, after 1967, that created this worldwide amnesia over the facts in this story and the bogus narrative of nazistinian victimhood.

    Hopefully, the outrage from black-cube worshippers and their apologists will continue to make more and more people pay attention to this story and, as a consequence, help more people learn that what they’ve been hearing from those liars for over four decades is just propaganda and fiction.

  2. Just another ‘truth’ that is not part of the ‘fact of the matter’ discussions we hear about from the likes of Michael Harris on CFRA. Academia at its best. Discussions but only if it suits my ideology. Luckily, most free thinking people see through that.

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