Play these videos to your friends who insist that Islam is peace etc.

This is great watching in that it is not that hard core. It is people who are intelligent, and like many of our friends, decent people who simply cannot let go of the narrative of Islam as a kind of, ‘Curried Christianity’. Some of these people were influential as well, and came to the hard truth through the facts and they express their experiences that brought them around very well.

For many readers of Vlad, nothing new here. But this is a great tool for friends who simply don’t get it yet.

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3 Replies to “Play these videos to your friends who insist that Islam is peace etc.”

  1. I can repeat over and over again that ‘the sun has gone out’ but just because I keep repeating it does not make it true. Any person can glance out the window to discover that it is not the truth and then must decide for themselves whether I am delusional or lying.

  2. The problem with reforming Islam is that while the reformation of the Christian Church was a return to the original teachings of Christ while the jihadists are following the original teachings of Mohammad.

    I love the comparison with fascism and communism and how if we had approached them the way we are Islam we would have never fought the two murderous ideologies.

    Islam is the problem, radical Islamists are the ones who are trying to reform or change Islam.

    The final statements is correct, first we have to win the war, then we can concentrate or bringing the enemy nations into the 21st Century.

  3. I thought Osama bin Ladin is dead , no offence but they look very similar, Horowitz probably got tired of people comparing him to Osama so the only way to feel better was to critisize Islam which like Christianity is a Jewish creation to keep the peoples of Europe and Middleeast hostage and in neverending conflicts.

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