Emma West held in jail whilst moslem racists walk free

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Written by Green Arrow    Tuesday, 06 December 2011 16:43

emmawest_120_x_120News just in that Emma West pleaded Not guilty at a court hearing in Croydon just a few hours ago.  After an adjournment to discover why she had pleaded “Not Guilty” (because she is innocent and there was no crime) they have remanded her in custody for a further four weeks.

The case will now be heard on the 3rd of January. Merry Christmas Emma, hope your children are comfortable with social services.

Meanwhile, four moslem women who racially attacked a young white girl, ripping lumps of hair from her head before battering her unconscious have effectively walked free from court after scum bag, Judge Robert Brown told the unwanted enrichers from Somalia:

‘This was ugly and reflects very badly on all four of you.’Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence.’

Despite, the fact that the moslems screamed“Kill the White Slag”, the Dhimmi Judge, Robert Brown, who will one day answer for this judgement, refused to charge them with racial aggravation and although he could have sentenced them to five years imprisonment, because the moslem women had been drinking and claimed that because of their religion, they were not used to its effects he would show leniency. What sort of excuse is that?

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15 Replies to “Emma West held in jail whilst moslem racists walk free”

  1. Yes, very angry. There are some trolls (pretending not to be) on the Yahoo news thread about all this, they are saying all ‘tut, tut, white trash’ that yes she should be prosecuted because she swore, and she should not keep her little boy, and how one would like to ‘slap some sense into her’ usual utterly un-British, alien, violent nasty, contemptuous of (infidel)women stuff. Also with lying that they are British etc. (brazen lying? no problem at all, duck-to-water) and couched in fake ‘concerned citizen’ phrases, just way too much hissing relish in there though. I guess where they mistake is in thinking that people really are fooled by it, just on the strength of nobody calling them out, except maybe one chap seemed to a bit. But that’s the British way of dealing with liars. Just keep giving more rope ’til everybody gets to notice. About the hunting down and arrest, I think this is in fact sharia law in practise, not that the rant even mentioned islam as far as I can remember, more that women aren’t allowed to speak out under sharia, and this certainly was speaking out(NOT illegal in British law). Also the whole thing looked like it might have been a set-up, cair-style hate-crime gambit. She sat in a tram and lost her temper(we don’t get to see about what, if she was goaded or whatever, it must have been before the published part of the trap-videoclip) and ranted about too many people from other countries being in England. That’s not in itself racist, and it’s a perfectly reasonable opinion to have, plenty of people agree with her there. She also swore quite a lot, like lots of people in a temper do. She remained seated, and her manner was not threatening, just loud, and she’s been thrown in jail for a month(over Christmas) and separated from her little boy, and dubious commenters on the MSM threads are bringing up the ‘unfit mother’ threat of child taken into care vicious punishment. She’s in jail for nothing, and yes I for one am very angry. WHAT have we allowed to take control of our Nation here? Before the Brit-haters start with the ‘spineless’ ‘stupid’ Brits insults, we were tricked, very skilfully, and we didn’t have the canary in the coalmine that we now are for you lot over the pond, so don’t start with the insults, thankyou. You are in a much better position than we have been, because you can look at what there is over here and prepare accordingly.

  2. A very sad day. Letting coloured like me into the country has been a complete disaster. I think I hate my kind even more than white people do. We are well on the way to destroying this greatest of lands, this sceptered isle, this blessed plot. Sad.

  3. Emma is so beautiful and her calm, little son looked like a shining, patient, pale angel. Quinessentially English. I bet the little guy misses his mum. A new Black Panther Leader in the USA roared that white-skinned blue-eyed babies should be killed before they grew up to ‘rule over’ Black children……. No chance..White mothers will now tell their children that is was a dangerous mistake to teach that we are ‘all the same ” and will instruct them to avoid non-Whites like the plague.

  4. anon — Orwell wasn’t just guessing. He mixed with some of the people who knew quite clearly what was being planned and gradually implemented. None of this catastrophy is accidental.

  5. Racism in europe is a one-way street. When you put what happened in Leicester in perspective with what happened in the tram, most people have this knee-jerk reaction saying that somehow you are defending her, thus being a racist yourself, while the fact is that what she did (said) is nothing compared to what the somali ladies said AND did. You dare point out the blatant justice double standard and you too are a racist. Yes, so Emma said some nasty things. But what the others said and did was even more nasty, so why do they get a free pass? Out of cultural awareness? I thought that actions counted more than words. In conclusion: now it’s forbbiden to talk trash in the UK? I pity the brits.

  6. You waste time thinking like this? Sad little people. You are nothing to do with what built Britain. Your type were the moaners who never did a day’s work, happy to vegetate in front of the tele or at the pub while others did the fighting and building. Now you’re sad that your unevolved little brains can’t understand what actually makes the country survive these days. The best punishment you could all get is if all the non-whites and immigrants did disappear and you got your wishes. The country wold collapse into the festering pile of dog manure it was in Victorian times. Just live your lives and let others live theirs. Spend time with your community doing something positive rather than blathering to people who only see you as retarded inbred scum for saying such nonsense. Britannia hasn’t ruled the waves since years before your horrid rat-like parents decided to have that drunken fumble in the outhouse that spawned your horrible cancer on the world, so grow up and face facts.

  7. Hello Emma Thank you for having the guts to express the hate of the Betrayal
    of Our Folk into being on the edge of extinction, as any normal natural Folk Loyal
    person feels, whatever their nationality or race, when they see the Cosmopolite
    Parasites and their viler Folk Traitors are enslaving their Folk Families by max
    mass immigration in the guise of being refugees etc. into their historic countries,
    that the Global Parasites have, e.g. Britain, France, USA, or are turning into multi
    mixed race cheapest work and war fodder colonies, to be bled until dead as divided and conquered Slaves, in the Zionist Khazar Capitalist and ‘Communist’ Comrade Commissars Global Imperium of Usury for whose expansion and consolidation they use e.g. Our Folk as mercenary war fodder to die in foreign fields while their toady 30,000 ft. up safe ‘brave’ NATO pilots mass murder many hundreds of thousands of civvys including thousands of babies, for which retribution is inevitably coming, as the world’s Folk Families rise up full of hate of their enslaving Cosmopolite Parasites and Folk Traitors, life’s vilest scum, who will be hung by Folk Patriots and as dung into the sewers flung, For betraying Our Folk, as your Folk Loyal, media traitor etc. imprisoned Soul bursted out about what is obvious the betrayal of Our Ancestry and War Dead Military and Civvys FPW

  8. So, you hate the Jews cause they are communists AND capitalists. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. ‘If you can’t do, blame it on the Jew’.

    Carry on.

  9. If someone calls you ‘racist’ for criticising Islam, say ‘Racist? Islam is not a race. You mean xenophobic’ to which they will probably agree. You then point out that Islam is the most xenophobic monocultural intolerant belief system currently stalking the planet and ask them what is wrong with them to accuse you of something of which the muslims are far more culpable.

    Sadly their faces will probably go blank, firstly out of their conditioning, secondly out of ignorance of Islamic rules esp. governing muslims’ inter-marriage with non-muslims.

  10. anon Orwell was a communist who say the light and started to fight against communism, his books are all aimed at the communists despite the way people want to say they are only about fascism. He also served as a policeman in India.

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