Arabs use bribery to gain UN votes against Israel

Israel Today:

Arabs use bribery to gain UN votes against Israel

While there is little need to provide incentives for most nations to vote against Israel at the UN General Assembly, some Arab states are nevertheless bribing countries that traditionally side with the Jewish state in order to make passage of anti-Israel resolutions more one-sided.

That according to Johnson Toribiong, president of the Pacific island nation of Palau, who was in Israel for an official state visit last week.

Toribiong told Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper that he was recently offered $50 million by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to start voting against Israel at the UN.

“We told them: ‘Forget it. We will not vote against Israel for anything in the world’,” Toribiong said.

Toribiong was accompanied by Iolu Johnson Abil, president of Vanuatu, another Pacific island nation. Palau, Vanuatu, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and a number of other Pacific micro nations are firm supporters of Israel at the UN as result of their strong Christian faith.

That nations are trying to buy UN General Assembly votes against other nations speaks loudly about the state of affairs at the world body. What speaks even louder is that these allegations of severe impropriety are being completely ignored by the UN and the international community.

And it’s not the first time.

When the Solomon Islands, another Pacific island nation, suddenly began voting against Israel in 2009, many wondered why. Like other Christian island nations, the Solomon Islands had always backed the Jewish state. Later it was discovered that Iran’s foreign ministry had bribed the impoverished Solomon Islands with a $200,000 check and technological aid.

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8 Replies to “Arabs use bribery to gain UN votes against Israel”

  1. The Moslems will co anything to get votes against Israel, the problem is that way too many nations are willing to take the bribes.

  2. My father always said that politicians are by definition crooks, liars and and horses asses, after that he started to get cynical about them.

  3. This also shows that this bribing must be coordinated between the muslim countries. The muslims must coordinate which of their countries offer which other countries bribes. That Sunni countries AND Iran are a part of it shows they work together against common enemies even while working against each other.

    These diplomatic assaults are probably coordinated thru the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Conquest).

    It’s legal but shows the OIC’s purpose is primarily to coordinate and assist aggressive predation upon non muslim countries.

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