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7 Replies to “Yes. It is the left, which is totalitarian, fascist, and anti-freedom.”

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  2. Needless to say, gentlemen, this sort of “lawfare” is aggressively practiced in the US as well — and not merely by homosexual-activist groups. This is a consequence of what I call the economics of politics: Once a tactic proves sufficiently effective to justify its costs, any group that might gain by it will emulate it. This will continue and intensify until it collapses the system that makes it possible.

    I’ll be embedding this video at Eternity Road. Thank you.

  3. The left thinks it has enough control of the Western legal system that they can use it to force the rest of us to shut up. Things will probably get worse before they get better.

  4. And probably sooner then we think, today I read articles in the Telegraph about how the European banks are preparing for the chaos when the Euro falls. And some people are warning, correctly, of riots and other forms of civil unrest when this happens. Most are expecting a major recession if not full fledged depression once the Euro falls.

  5. And what recourse do we have when we are offended by twits like him? We need our own Human Rights (Right) Commissions . . .

  6. ramjetejmar,you have any recourse you want,gentle or harsh. It only depends on your willingness to face the consequences (that is if your caught!) When I was a younger man, no one would even ASK a question like that.

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