Belgian Jews in Shock over Beating of 13-Year-old Girl

Israel National News:

Five Muslim Moroccan girls in Belgium beat a 13-year-old classmate, called her a “dirty Jew” and told her to “return to your country.”
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

First Publish: 11/23/2011, 12:08 PM
Anti-Semitic graffiti in Europe

Anti-Semitic graffiti in Europe
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

Five Muslim Moroccan girls in Belgium beat a 13-year-old classmate, called her a “dirty Jew” and told her to “return to your country.”

The girl, Oceane Sluijzer, has filed a complaint with police after the anti-Semitic attack at a sports training center. The attackers were identified and questioned by police.

Jewish legislator Viviane Teitelbaum of Brussels denounced the “silence” of political leaders and most of media after this attack.

Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium (CCOJB), the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Belgium, expressed “shock” at the attack and asked that the investigation be conducted without delay. The Jewish group added it is considering filing a civil suit and said the Jewish community is “exasperated” by repeated attacks on Jews in Belgium, whose Jewish population is 40,000.

It also told the Belgian French community’s Education Minister he should “introduce appropriate educational programs in schools to prevent unjustified tensions between communities,” the European Jewish Press reported.

The Jewish Consistory, the representative body of Jewish religious congregations in the country, also appealed to authorities to take action.


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5 Replies to “Belgian Jews in Shock over Beating of 13-Year-old Girl”

  1. The strain of anti-Semitism in Europe is once again becoming politically correct, although in this case it was the Moslems who committed the crime. They wouldn’t have done this if the Europeans had made it clear that anti-Semitic acts were not to be tolerated.

  2. The picture of anti-Semitic graffiti in Europe makes me wonder: what would the response be if the grafitti had been anti-Muslim? I agree that European Muslim youth are emboldened by the weak response to anti-semitic acts, and by the prevailing anti-Semitic sentiment tangible in society and in the media. There seems also to be a widespread fear of upsetting Muslims, so let’s let them have what they want. This response emboldens them further. Result: some Jews are severely attacked, or even killed. Another disgraceful situation reminiscent of Germany pre-WWII.

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