Pigs, mosques and the rules of magic.

I wish I could remember all the times that the issue of stopping mosque construction has been discussed just to have someone or other interject that all that needs doing is burying parts of pigs or pig products and the ground has been desecrated and no mosque can be built there.

My position has always been that this must be patent nonsense. For one thing, one should never use the rules of the enemy when fighting them. Especially when they make those rules up as they go along. I mean surely if they can make up a rule, assuming of course that one such rule actually exists in the first place, they can make up a fix for it. Think of any video game that uses magic. ‘Your spell stops me from building a castle but my magic shield blocks your spell’ sort of thing. If these people believe in ‘Allah’ and Djinn and demons and devils and all sorts of magic and superstition then surely they can mumble a few words over the pig-soaked soil and start pouring a foundation.

That is of course, if any of that is even necessary at all. My guess would be they would just charge the guy with a hate crime and a health code infraction and build the damn thing.

Then an interesting thing happened. I saw a story about a proposed mosque in Switzerland where a person-or-persons-unknown went to town on the lot with 4 pig heads, a pig and I think, some pig blood as well. Clearly someone ate the gelatin on the idea that you could stop a mosque that way. One would imagine that the fact that they bought the land under false pretenses alone would be enough, but it seems someone wanted to go the ‘magic’ route instead and throw the old pig-skin around instead. (Which begs the question. Can Muslims play football?) I mean lets face it. If this works, then we could deal with Iran using the cheapest military campaign in human history. Overfly the holy city of Qom with a Hercules transport carrier filled with bacon bits and drop it like pink snow. That’l learn em.

On the other hand…

there is this:

It would appear that this was done in 2006 and the mosque was never built. Now of course, correlation is not causation. The owner may not have the money, there could be zoning issues, there could be any number of reasons why this mosque still has not been built. But it hasn’t.

Now we have this:

It will be most interesting to watch and see if this has any effect at all. I have my doubts personally. But it will be interesting to see.

Here is the same video as above but with German titles.

This I do know. If you really do want to stop a mosque, and are ready to do the work, talk to this guy.

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4 Replies to “Pigs, mosques and the rules of magic.”

  1. I don’t advocate breaking the law; you are dealing with islam, which is still thinking like it is the 8th century. If it works, that will get some strategizing.

  2. Yeah if it worked I would be cheering frankly. As no one is hurt and no real law is broken except Muslim ones which should not, and even must not become part of our jurisprudence.

    But it doesn’t work. Last check I did says that the mosque in Copenhagen in fact is being built now. As I expected, someone mumbled a few words to re-consecrate the ground and insha-allah-pinche-pandecho construction starts on Monday. The answer lies in tactics like Mosque-Busters use. They actually do work. And they are legal, and use the law itself.

  3. Once again, this shows how the ‘laws’ in the Ko’ran can be manipulate to suite whatever situation arises. More proof that this is all a sham.

  4. The magic approach does work because it is a delaying tactic. The next step is always to see the response and make sure it is constantly attacked with live pigs who are treated well. Eventually a pig protection place should be built where the mosque should have stood. This would be the best use for such land. Live pigs treated well, no muslim would have that.

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