Israelis strip in support of Egypt blogger

This is a cool story. Maybe someday, maybe we can see Egyptians or frankly anyone in the Islamic world rallying to support an Israeli for greater freedom and expression. I won’t hold my breath though.

From YNET News.


Dozens of women pose for nearly nude group shot in show of solidarity for young activist who posted naked photo in protest of limited freedom of expression in her country

Roi Kais

Published: 11.20.11, 08:41 / Israel News

Dozens of Israeli women stripped off their clothes Saturday in a show of solidarity with the 20-year-old Egyptian blogger who caused a stir in the Arab world last week when she posted a naked photo of herself in protest against the limits on free expression in her country.


Touched by the spirited protest measure, some 40 Israelis posed for a nude group shot in support of the Egyptian activist, Egypt activist posts herself nude, sparks outrage

“Of course there’s the nationalistic aspect, and I won’t deny being a leftist and a seeker of peace,” she added. “I feel like the governments don’t represent the enlightened, simple people who want peace.”

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3 Replies to “Israelis strip in support of Egypt blogger”

  1. I’m sure the Egyptians would say the evil Isreal is to blame for the whole thing, but I hope more muslim women revolt. If muslim women revolt, they can change the world.

  2. The Egyptian protester must be really suicidal. It’s one thing for the Isreali women to pose naked but it’s an entirely different matter for a muslim. They torture, stone and butcher for far less offence.

  3. Well done to these ladies! In fact, women all over the world should come out in support of this woman’s protest. The misogyny inherent in Islam is not only repulsive but a form of a spiritual disease which has long qualified as a crime against the whole of humanity. It is high time a stop was put to it!

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