Peter Hitchens: An analysis of Egypt today.

Yes, yet another analysis of Egypt and the direction it is taking. I think I have posted several already today in one form or another. This one though, is by Peter Hitchens and while the start is a bit of flowery prose, once it gets going, is really well worth the read.

It is over at The Daily Mail. It may not have much you don’t already know, but it is well assembled and thought out and is a good addition to the body of prediction already out there about Egypt, and the ‘Arab spring’

Here is one thing I did not know however, that Peter informs us:

What does the Egyptian elite think? Well, the man who scaled the building [The Israeli embassy] and ripped down the Israeli flag, Ahmad al-Shahat, is a national hero and has been given a flat, a job at  a quarry and a commemorative plaque by his local provincial governor, in recognition of his illegal act.

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