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5 Replies to “Occupy Toronto, a Potemkin village. Ezra Levant Nov 18 2011”

  1. The entire occupy movement is designed to create violence, they want to replay the 60s with a civil war as the end result. If they get very unlucky they will get their wish.

  2. Lawyer Susan Ursel has suggested that if she loses the case to keep the campers in the park she will be permitting them to stay in the front yard of her exclusive Teddington Park residence just a 5 minute walk from the Rosedale Golf and Country club. The address is 30 Roslin Avenue, north west of Yonge of Lawrence.

  3. Not Occupy Toronto:

    She had better talk to a lawyer more familiar with property laws before she does that. I believe that use of her land is likely not authorized as a campground even if she does own it, to the extent that anyone in Canada can own land.

    She may be in for a shock. One may not allow hordes of the great-unwashed to camp out on one’s lawn in the city any more than you can have a rock concert on one without a lot of work to get the appropriate permits.

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