Egyptian woman to get 80 lashes for blogging without clothes

That charge, “insulting Islam’, leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Really it means not being a good slave to your male owner I suspect.

From Speroforum:

Twenty-year-old Alia el-Mahdy and a male companion are accused of defaming Islam and contributing to indecency in Egypt.

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A coalition of graduates of Islamic Law in Egypt have denounced a 20-year-old Egyptian Muslim woman Alia el-Mahdy and her companion, Karim Amer, for publishing nude photographs of themselves on their blog. The coalition contends that the pair have ‘violated morality,’ as well as inciting ‘indecency’ besides insulting Islam, according to the Bikya Masr website.  The complaint was filed by the coalition with the attorney general’s office of the north African country and claims that Mahdy’s goal is to “broadcast her obscene ideology with nude photographs.”

The group of lawyers is demanding that the pair be chastised according to sharia – Muslim religious law. “The former Constitution and the new articles in the new Constitution say that Islamic law is the basis of legislation, we therefore request that the two bloggers be punished according to Islamic sanctions,” said Ahmed Yehia of the coalition to Bikya Masr. “It is an insult to the Revolution since these two people wish to present themselves as revolutionaries demanding sexual freedom and are giving a bad name to the Revolution,” continued Yehia. “Our duty is to fight against corruption and this is a case of corruption. We are fighting against people who are trying to corrupt society with foreign and unacceptable customs such as the sexual liberty they are demanding.”

Mahdy was the center of controversy over the November 12-13 weekend following the publication of the nude photographs of herself and Amer. Drawings of nudes are also featured on her blog. Her expression of freedom may cost the couple at least 80 lashes in public, as well as jail time or “whatever else may be deemed appropriate” said Yehia.
Mahdy identified herself in a Tweet, following widespread speculation about her identify.  Her intention in publishing the nude photos was to “call attention to a violent society, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy” wrote the young Egyptian woman.  She has described herself as a “secular, liberated, vegetarian, and individualist Egyptian.” She has participated in the past in Facebook initiatives that demanded that Muslim men wear veils, much as Muslim women do all over the world. The effort distributed photographs of Muslim men wearing veils, rather than appearing nude.

In one photograph uploaded by Mahdy, she appears fashionably-dressed in Tahrir Square.

Joseph Mayton of Biksa Masr wrote of the controversy, “Whether we agree that one’s body should be a form of protest – which so many of Egypt’s liberals disagree with – is irrelevant. The reality is that Mahdy has been able, with her body, debunk all myths of Egyptian liberalism. Her naked image, which has seen over one million hits, has shown that Egypt is not ready for free expression.”

According to Mayton, Muslim men are unable to take responsibility for their own actions, while saying that notable Muslim feminist Hibaaq Osman believes that conservative religious people all the world over, including the Middle East, are the most ‘sex-crazed.’ Concluding, Mayton wrote “At the end of the day, one may attempt to cover a woman’s body with clothes, force them into the home, but in today’s Internet world, women like Mahdy can achieve more naked than they ever can clothed and in the streets.”

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9 Replies to “Egyptian woman to get 80 lashes for blogging without clothes”

  1. Outrage is and always have been the sincerest form of protest! It is not about about this woman’s nakeness but the exposure of the stupid mullahs and their weak and simple minded followers who are unable to embrace human life at any level.

  2. egyptian students really thought that there was going to be democracy. these are ‘muslim’ students at university in a muslim country who believed muslim men, the imans and the brotherhood really had an agenda to have democracy. f ing morons. enjoy your spring, autumn and now winter. muslims will always revert back to primitive life styles. it helps control women and kids so the men can enjoy there lives. what a religion. just amazes me that people still call it a religion. and thankyou america for supporting the brotherhood, saudi and all things made of oil. god bless america for this shit is on your head and you wonder why you are hated by the east and the west. i could be wrong. but the biggest danger seems to be from america, financial crisis makers, war mongers=for oil, saudi supporters, political correct ideology makers and so on and on. stop criticising everyone else and take a look at yourselves.

  3. I hope her example leads to more. You can’t break it open until women en masse are willing to revolt. If the women revolted, the weakness of that system would crumble.

    Islam is a death cult and should be declared a cult. Nothing that tells followers to murder, maim, rape, enslave, lie, commit domestic violence, violate civil rights, commit pedophilia, etc. should have the same legal rights as “love thy neighbor”. Let them have the legal rights of the chicken butcherers.

  4. Yes just like in west, lady living together with a men who could be her mother love partner for her half bother who become a living together partner of that lady’s daughter.

    Finally don’t know who is biological father as well as who biological bother-sister.
    Even dogs are mating once a year with only one partner , west is more than that.
    Westerner agreed to a democracy for ladies that can strip ,naked, f***ked in public,
    But not us.

  5. What is the big deal of Alia posting a picture of herself online. Who fucking cares?! She should be free to do what she wants.

    People of Egypt, Muslims around the world, wake-up, WAKE the fuck UP – WAKE UP – we live in the 21 century. Yes, the 21st century; People should be able to do what they please.

    Alia, many of us are proud of you and commend you for the selfless act. You are a leader and hopefully others will follow in your footsteps. God Bless.

  6. According to the Sharia Law, Muslim women must not be seen uncovered. So, shut the fuck up and drop your insanity people. Well, Western-minded people who posted comments, cut the bullshit,okay? If you can go on walk in a street without any cloth covering your sinful bodies then, so be it! But not in Muslim country. El Mahdy should be punished based on the Shariah Law–80 lashes! How sinful and disgusting she is to posed herself naked and blogged it on Internet? Is she a nymphomaniac? My goodness! You really can’t live your lives without sex,can you? How filthy you are! I mean, you can’t be okay without this sacred thing called “sex”? What a shame! Sex must be performed by the married people.

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