Sometimes, you may as well laugh as cry.

I confess. Sometimes I just can’t take any more of the horror of Islam and leftism and the horrors they perpetrate on the world in their joint, hydrocephalic like, attempt to create a utopia by destroying the utopia we actually have, and replacing it with mass murder and totalitarianism.

So I do stupid things with my time to preserve the little sanity I have left.

Below, is a sample of it. I would like to thank Tundra Tabloids for setting up the stills for me I used to make the effect in this video. Below that, the original video I used to make this clip. It is worth noting that the CBC actually gave this bit of shellfish the interview he deserved. At last. Which is probably why they pulled this clip off of the BBC website so fast.

Fortunately, I grabbed a copy of it before they could.

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8 Replies to “Sometimes, you may as well laugh as cry.”

  1. Bwahahahahahaha! Love that Blobfish! I know exactly how ya feel, Vlad. Outside of Islams hilarious school bombings, beheading videos, or Marxist creeps like Gnome Chumpsky and Baader Meinhoff, not a lot of sunny laughs to be found in Islam Murder Inc and leftist control freakery, is there. And yet, parts of that clip, how can I say, brought a verticle smile to my er, um. I love dweeby voices. All very Goon Show. Bravo. Thanks for the laffs. No, really. Colonel Neville.

    Ps. I have finally settled in and have some meagre time available to chat with you via the old Skype this Sunday lunch, old boy.

  2. Dear WPF:

    Yes, odd things. In my down time I prefer to ride a unicycle, while playing a ukelele and wearing a straw boater. Most people I know do the same. It’s a Melbourne thing. Or is it? Odd, eh. I’m not ashamed of my boater wearing. Or am I? Da da! No, really. Colonel Neville.

  3. Excellent.

    Choudhary has had his day. He has become a cartoon character and a laughing stock. He has nothing more to shock us with. The danger is that uninformed people will think he and his kind are not a danger and that Islam is not a threat.

    The evil he represents remains and is growing like a cancer.

  4. Hilarous! Nothing like a good laugh to help one understand, that it is much too serious to be taken seriously.

    As loathful and underground as the ideology he promotes, the BAN on Choudhary and his organization is certainly NO laughing matter! Anyone who understands the true value of rights would not hesitate to stand gaurd over the basic rights, even those of their enemies!

  5. Hilarious and thanks for doing this one, just to create some laughs during this era of comic tragedy……Who can even bare to listen to this evil imbicile, how in the world Spencer was able to keep a serious and straight face to debate this convoluted crackpot is beyond me…
    lol lol lol he really is a bottom dweller

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