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8 Replies to “Robert Spencer debates Anjem Chaudary Nov 16 2011”

  1. Choudhary and co getting their bottoms truly kicked by the redoubtable and knowledgeable Robert.
    They did not answer hardly any of the points raised by Robert and just used the same old tired cliches and arguments that we have all heard so many times.

    From grinning at the start of Roberts second piece Choudhary looked decided uncomfortable at the end.

    A “Golden age” will ensue once we have totally defeated Islam and not before.

    Cannot wait for parts 2 & 3.

    Go Robert !!!!!!!!!

  2. I especially liked the ranting Imam segment at the end. The thing is, the guy is absolutely right within the logic of his own Islamic paradigm. Who says everyone is equal? Who says there should be elections? Who says there should be freedom of speech? Who says you have to be nice to someone who is weaker than you? This is what the West utterly fails to comprehend, that truth and equality and justice are not universally desired attributes. Some Muslim males like the fact that they can rape a Hindu maid without consequences, that they can hit a Jew and nothing happens. It works out quite well for them, in fact. They are the polar opposite of us: what we consider good, they consider evil; what we consider evil, they consider good.

  3. Consequenses will happen eventually. I call it Karma. Next life they might be born kafirs and slaves to another koranimal brute themselves. Hopefully they will learn from that experience or they will have to repeat that class until they do.

  4. @Chris Jones: Right on, right on…islam is the opposite. It is evil and should be reduced to cult status legally. Just like those dead chicken worshippers. Would solve a lot. No reason we should be giving equal time to a death cult.

  5. Isn’t it funny. I don’t even have to listen to this ‘debate’ to know who the big winner is. Robert Spencer debates Anjem Chaudary. Mr. Spencer might as well have debated a baboon for all the good that does.

  6. Good debate, with the usual closed minds from the religious fanatics. Robert’s analogy with Communism was spot on, there’s really no difference between the mindsets. They are really just emotionally damaged people who latch onto whatever oppressive ideology in order to try to contain or satisfy their own damaged mentalities.
    I do think he could have made more of the main differences between these supposed “utopias” and the West: that the vast difference in scientific attainment alone would justify a democratic system. The discovery of the vaccine alone has done more for Muslims and everybody else than all these bearded buffoons combined. Not to mention antibiotics, flight, ships, trade, physics, maths, space exploration, central heating, medicine, etc etc etc.
    I’d have liked to see them explain how come the perfect Sharia states fell into disrepair and disunity.
    Really I’d just like them deported to a Muslim land where they can get on with their perfect state, but we’d need a politician with a spine for that.

  7. This will help with anyone that has the ability to think for themselves, unfortunately very few of our internal or external enemies have that ability.

  8. Just watched the second segment.

    It descends further into farce when chowderhead states that only 200 people in the history of Islam had their hands cut off. I can recall at least 3 instances reported recently where this happened. So the law of probability says that it must have happened tens of thousands or hundreds or millions of times over the period the Islam has been in existence. As far as stoning is concerned ……………………

    As to there is no poverty in Islam, is this guy serious – no I will rephrase that, he is a lying, deluded scumbag.

    I think it was a mistake to ban the organisation the chowderhead was a leader of. Judging from this programme he is enough to put anyone off the cult of Islam.

    Anyway he and his friends would have gotten their arses well and truly kicked if they had disrupted remembrance day.

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