Four arrested in major terror probe

UK Daily Post

Nov 15 2011

Four men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act as part of a major ongoing investigation, police said.

Officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit detained the men at their homes in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham on suspicion of travelling to Pakistan to undertake terrorist training and of raising funds for terrorist purposes.

A police spokesman said the suspects, aged between 19 and 24, had been arrested as part of Operation Pitsford, a large-scale inquiry which has already seen eight other people charged with a variety of offences.

A police spokesman said: “Today’s arrests were pre-planned and not made in response to any immediate threat to public safety.”

Officers were unarmed during the raids, the spokesman added, and detectives have an initial 48 hours to question the suspects before charging, releasing or applying for a warrant of further detention.

Eight people arrested in September have already been charged in connection with the investigation and seven of them are currently on remand after appearing in court.

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  1. Sparkhill ,Birmingham is a highly enriched area filled with many benefits of immigration.
    Like unemployment benefit,income support,housing benefit,jobseekers allowance,sickness benefit,disability living allowance (this one is useful as the claimant can secretly return back to their own country and still have the benefit paid into their bank account with no further checks) attendance allowance,child benefit,working families tax credits,council tax benefit,free mobile phones,free medical prescriptions,free dental treatment,social fund benefit (one off payments) severe disablement allowance.

    Amazing details of exactly what asylum seekers MUST BY LAW be given for free.
    (For those people unaware of UK law a TV licence is £145 every year.
    With a fine of £1ooo for anyone who is caught watching a TV without one).
    The exceptions are the blind and the over 75`s and er “asylum seekers”

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