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9 Replies to “This ad now playing on U.S. TV”

  1. The only problem I see is Obama, he will refuse to let the pipeline in because his supporters are against it, they want us to keep funding our enemies.

  2. The socialists are hitting this video hard in the comments section

    Either they don’t give a damb about woman or care about fake agendas more I am not sure.

  3. i think Obama is not the only problem (although maybe he’s the one we love to hate for whatever reason) i would imagine the people who has the most to lose — American oil companies -and all who reap the benefits of it- will be the true force behind the protest of this.

  4. What is wrong with the oil companies wanting to get oil cheaper then from over seas? Why shouldn’t they be able to buy the cheapest oil they can and reduce gas prices for us?
    After all the oil companies make more money when the price of gas is about $1.50 per gallon, the reason for this is economy of scales, at the lower price we can afford to buy more and the oil companies end up making more money.

  5. Canada is already the number one supplier to the states of oil. Naturally they want to stay that way. Mexico is number two. Nigeria number three and fourth those well fed terrorists the Saudis. Plus let us not forget the most valuable and biggest ethanol industry in the world is in the States. The States now only gets 17 per cent of their oil from the ME. So things are looking good. Ethical oil has already taken the lead and continues to do so. Only thing is they do not say so in the video for marketing reasons, but folks that is the case and it is good that it so.

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