Instructions from the EDL to its membership about attendance at the memorial today

Remember, these are the people being pre-emptivly arrested by the British government for pre-crime.

From the Huffington Post.

“To those of you who will still be attending London in the morning to pay your respects,? ?please make your way to Westminster and not Kensington as originally planned.? ?We wish to remind you to conduct yourselves accordingly by dressing smartly? (?suit and tie if possible?) ?and acting respectfully and responsibly.? ?This is not an EDL march and EDL colours/hoodies and banners should not be bought along.? ?Above all wear your poppy with pride?!”

Below, an older video showing police checking through what has to be an illegal database on EDL membership to decide who to allow, and disallow into an area.

It’s interesting that the Anti-fa and the man with the “I still hate Thatcher” T shirt feel so comfortable with the police. The idea of a non-partizan constabulary and armed forces is one of the crucial and central pillars of a democracy. Much more than mere voting actually. England has lost that some time ago.

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  1. So what if he was a member of EDL! Once more, the authorities are showing their cowardness. You don’t see the police walking around asking visible muslisms people if they are part of Islamist groups! Unbelievable and scary indeed.

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