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7 Replies to “Pakistan. The ally from hell”

  1. The Muslims want to rule the World – what a joke? Muslims can’t even run one single country! Pakistan is a state that should never have been created. It only came about due to the partition of British India and mainly as a result of hissy-fits by cry-baby Islamists.
    As a result, India became the World’s largest democracy and eventually a pioneering nation in medicine and computers, whilst Pakistan degenerated into a festering shit-hole of corrupt government, human-rights infringements and barbaric 7th Century values.
    Pakistan is still like this today – more proof that Musllims spoil everything they lay their grubby little hands on and are incapable of doing anything productive or useful. Their only talent is in creating mayhem and destruction.
    This is why we should stop donating money to Pakistan.!
    We in the West shouldn’t spend one more penny on Pakistan, not one single cent. We should leave the nation to rot in its own faeces. We owe them nothing!

  2. As an afterthought, I have to say -lets take all the Nukes out of Pakistan first – and THEN leave the nation to rot in its own faeces!

  3. It’s quite true Bob. When you think about it, Muslims are like cultural ballast. Once you cut them loose its amazing how high your own people and culture can soar. India was lucky to have Muslims demand their own state. It meant tons of Muslims left India for it. As a result, well we all can see how it worked out.

  4. “As an afterthought, I have to say -lets take all the Nukes out of Pakistan first – and THEN leave the nation to rot in its own faeces!”

    Before the previous century we had a very good solution to Islam which was to let them rot in its own faeces. Two issues changed things.

    1. The western world developed vaccines and antibiotics to stop mass death world wide. Over 100 years ago when Islam wasn’t a real threat because of the mass death keeping their populations down it seemed like a good idea.

    2. Oil money supporting Islam

  5. Population control used to be done by natural diseases.
    Now the world has Agenda 21 which is a population control but it is directed mostly at western worlds not much at third world countries.

    It is almost like we are intentionally killing ourselves.

  6. Who invented nukes? The West did. Who invented any technology of any worth such as televisions, computers and microwave ovens? The Americans, the Brits, the French, the Jews, the Japanese… and so on! Have the Muslims invented anything? No!
    So why have these buffoons got nukes? Because we foolishly gave them the technology. These morons come to our universities to learn Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. We should not have allowed this to happen. These primitives believe that all science is found in the Koran. We should have kept it this way. There would have been no 9/11 if this had been the case. No access to our magic metal birds for them to fly into the World Trade Center. They could have tried to fly in on magic carpets instead. Terrorists would be attacking us with clubs and spears instead of using bombs and AK-47s.
    The only reason that the Arabs are rich from oil is because we in the West invented the internal combustion engine.
    I only hope that we have learnt our lesson. In the future we may conquer other galaxies; we may be able to teleport just like on ‘Star Trek’. We may have laser guns, fusion bombs, or be harnessing cosmic rays.
    Let’s keep any future technology to ourselves and not let the Muslims get hold of it. Muslims are not responsible adults. They don’t deserve our technology. They are not fit to use it. You wouldn’t give a handgun to a three-year old toddler, so you shouldn’t give technology to a Muslim!

  7. If Pakistan didn’t have nukes we would be fighting them, and we will probably have to fight them at some point during this Century, probably sooner rather then later.

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